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Androids is a anime/manga concept
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New 17

New 17 was created in Hell by Dr. Gero and Dr. Myu. He looks exactly like the original, the only differences are that New 17 is completely loyal and mechanical.

Night Tenjou


A female android built by Niko Don



Odette is an android built by Dr. Yoshizawa. Who wants to find the ultimate difference between humans and herself.


P-01s is an employee at the bakery/snack shop called Blue Thunder, which is popular to Musashi students. She is also resembled to Tori Aoi's childhood friend Horizon Ariadust.


The younger Android sister of Septem. SHe appears in episode 3 of 15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki

R. Dorothy Wayneright

Dorothy is the android sidekick of Roger Smith in the Big O series.

R. Instro

A android and good friends with Roger Smith and Dorothy. He taught Dorothy to play the piano.


Rauri is the first Assistaroid to be created.


A girl that Jiro met and saved from Prof. Gill's minions. She is revealed to be a robot and Bijinder's sister. She was created by Gil to take care of his son Akira.


Rina is a character from the Time of Eve series.


Sammy is a character from the Time of Eve series.

Sari Sumdac

A robot girl given life by the Allspark on Earth.


Like her sister Quin she is an Android Nurse. She appears in episode 3 of 15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki


Sera is a non-combat android, created by SIANT

Seri the Sexanoid

A shape-shifting sexanoid able to change her body into what her master desires.


Shimei is a character from the Time of Eve series.

South Pole One

She's an android created by Doctor Narutaki's jealous assistant Marilyn. South Pole One is designed to look like the Japanese idea of an American porn star, to exterminate Marin's targets through exhausting sex and taking the men's semen first.

Super Android 17

Super Android 17 is the result of the fusion between Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17

Teletraan 10

A living female humanoid computer created by the Autobots. She is the older sister of Teletraan 15.

Teletraan 15

A living female humanoid computer created by the Autobots

Tokiko Hanamaru

One of ten sisters in the eroanime It's a Family Affair.

Tou Ryuga

Tou Ryuga is a combat android, created by SIANT

Uni Puma

Uni is a android catgirl and the sister of Anna Puma. They were created as "love dolls" to be marketed for profit, but they developed beyond this superficial programming and became criminals


Uran is is Astro Boys cybernetic sister she's a superhuman android with a naive, tomboyish personality.Constructed by Dr. Elefun as a "gift" for Astro.


The Vision from the Marvel Mangaverse reality.


One of Dr. Machinegal's "Machinegal Dolls".


A cyborg who works as Oran's right hand man.

Yuri Cube

An android created by a highly advanced race that lives with Yuna and her family. Yuri is best known for her insatiable appetite.

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