This episode was included with the DVD release of the series.

Shigofumi rumors spread around a high school and Fumika Mikawa investigates to see if there's any truth behind them.

Detailed Summary

Fumika Mikawa is being bullied by students at her school but one of her classmates, Suzune Shinozake, helps her out and tells her that she hates bullying. Rumors begin to spread around the school about a curse from Koichi Kikukawa as fake Shigofumis and various insignia start to show up around the campus.

In order to clear Fumika from any wrongdoing, Fumika Mikawa, Kaname and Natsuka travel out to meet with Shunsuke Morishita, who received a Shigofumi from Koichi. While visiting Shunsuke they find out that Suzune is actually Koichi's younger sister.

The scene changes to Suzune making fake Shigofumi's to give to the people that bullied Koichi and a flashback reveals that Koichi is the product of an affair. His parents divorced because of this with his sister went with her father and he stayed with his mother.

Fumika Mikawa, disguised as a mail carrier, confronts Suzune and presents her with a fake Shigofumi from Koichi saying, "don't do anything stupid." The plan goes smoothly until Fumika and Kanaka arrive and expose human Fumika Mikawa as a fake. However, she is still able to talk Suzune out of her revenge and the two become friends.

The episode ends with Haruna inviting Fumika Mikawa, who had been living out of a hotel room, to live with her and Natsuka.

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