And Then...

And Then... is an anime episode of IGPX that was released on 01/21/2006

And Then...Episode 11

Team Satomi enters the final lap with Team Sledge Mamma to see who will get to go to the finals in the 2049 IG-1 Season. After the race, the members of Team Sledge Mamma have some keen words to pick with Takeshi as they prepare for their biggest challenge yet: winning the IG-1.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme
Go For It by Gran Rodeo

The final lap of the race against Team Sledge Mamma and Team Satomi is underway as Takeshi has his mech repaired from the bug that was causing it to go haywire. This allows he and River to finally battle it out as much as they want after all the time waiting now that they know the other is at the top of their game. The match is nearly even as both are able to get in good attacks and counter attacks with ease as the challenge between the two is to see who is the better pilot. Liz, Amy, and Luca try to help but are caught up with the battle with Yamma and Dimma.

Victory never tasted so good to Team Satomi
Victory never tasted so good to Team Satomi

As the lap is coming to a close, Takeshi is able to get in a good attack that knocks River back before entering speed mode, the other racers following suit as they all jet for the finish line. Takeshi and River cross the finish line at practically the same time as Benjamin Bright reports that they have to rely on high speed cameras in order to figure out the final results. After much anticipation with several teams watching for the results, Team Satomi is declared the winner as Takeshi won the race by less than an inch of margin room in front of River. Everyone cheers for the results of the race as Michiru, Mark, and Jesse and enthralled. Andrei doesn't let up too much excitement but can't help to dance a bit in the halls as he goes to the winners circle where everyone is celebrating the win.

After the race, the three pilots are heading through the service tunnels to go celebrate their victory into the finals as the thugs from the other day encircle them. Takeshi figures that they are fans of Sledge Mamma as they are all ready to fight. Takeshi warns Liz to take Amy and run when he makes a gap, which she calls him crazy for. However, the members of Team Sledge Mamma have come to see what is going on. Liz figures they are there to watch them take a beating but to her surprise, they take down a majority of the muggers. One states that they are huge fans and trying to help as Yamma chastises him in that while he plays dirty on the field, he has a hatred for cheating. The police take care of the scene as the burly men check on the younger pilots to make sure they are okay. Yamma and Takeshi have a chat where Yamma reveals that he hated Takeshi since he reminded him of Cunningham. Showing his respect for the young pilot, he leaves but not before stating he'll win in the next season.

River and Takeshi go up to the roofs to talk about the race, River stating that Takeshi is the better pilot and how he never realized how much of a jerk he was. He points out that he considers Takeshi to be a better friend now than when he was on Team Satomi as they acknowledge their rivalry before going their separate ways. Fantine and Takeshi talk about the race and how he'll be going up against Team Velhstein in the finals. He is worried but Fantine tries to help him relax. He gives her the gift he had bought her the other day that got ruined during the attack. Meanwhile, the whole city is abuzz with the news about the final match up between Velhstein and Satomi and is amazed at how a rookie team got so far.

The problem though will be fighting Velhstein against their Indoraga Mano, their Ace up the Sleeve. This was the attack that they used to wipe out the team in the last race as Andrei and Mark explain what it is. Apparently, it is a series of high energy pulses that can manipulate the air and electricity surrounding them, thus allowing their circuits to be fried. The upside is that the three members of Team Velhstein can only use it once per race so if they use it once and it misses, they don't have to worry about it after that. Liz asks what should be done in order to get around it, Andrei laughing as he says all they have to do is simply dodge it.

The three vow to work together
The three vow to work together

In the training room, Takeshi is trying to calm down for the race as he remembers his previous encounters with Cunningham on and off the track. While he practices kendo, Liz comes by to thank him for the other day. She knows that he was trying to protect Liz and Amy from the muggers and would have stopped at nothing to keep them safe. She remarks that they are a team though and must work together, in that they can't leave him behind in the dust. Amy comes by and agrees that they are more of a team now than they were in the beginning as they vow to become season champions.

Ending Theme
Believe Yourself by Exige

Race Results

Takeshi Jin-Satomi-Forward1st15
River Marque-Sledge Mamma-Forward2nd7
Yamma-Sledge Mamma-Midfielder3rd5
Liz Ricarro-Satomi-Defender4th3
Amy Stapleton & Luca-Satomi-Midfielder5th2
Dimma-Sledge Mamma-Defender6th1

Final Score

Winner: Team Satomi

Team Satomi: 23 points

Team Sledge Mamma: 13 points

Team Satomi Track Record: 2049 Season

4 Wins 1 Loss 1 Tie

Characters & Voice Actors

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