And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None is an anime episode of Kokoro Connect that was released on 08/26/2012
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All the infighting between the club members is beginning the boil over. Good advice comes their way from an unlikely source.
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Plot Summary

Inaba, returns to school in a gloomy mood is stopped by Taichi, who apologises for his outburst. Inaba accepts, but tells him that she isn't ready to return to the clubroom yet. Taichi reminds her that he believes that she belongs with the club, and to come back soon.

Back in the club, Iori remarks to Taichi and Aoki that the club is pretty empty and starts to worry about Yui and Inaba. Aoki tells her that Yui has only been absent for a week, and not to worry, but they think it best to leave Himeko alone until she feels better. though Iori feels that the club is getting lonely.

Taichi suggests that they put their efforts into helping Yui by going by her, despite being denied entry to her room for the past 2 days. Aoki begins to argue with Taichi about his approach to helping Yui, and calls him a selfish freak. Taichi retorts by calling Aoki useless. their argument escalates until Iori intervenes to try and stop, but Taichi loses control and hits her with his bag, knocking her into a corner and making her unconscious. he immediately snaps out of it and they calm down.

Later that evening, he lies in bed contemplating what had happened, acknowledging that the quarrel between himself and Aoki was caused willingly while hitting Iori wasn't, though she forgave him for it in the end after she woke. Rina knocks at the door, and wonders about her brother's quietness. after guessing that he got in a fight with Iori, she tells him to make up with her as soon as possible. all the other members of the group are in their rooms being quiet.

Taichi goes to Fujishima for advice
Taichi goes to Fujishima for advice

Taichi decides to be emotionless the next day, and does not return to the clubroom when asked by Iori. The day after, a field trip is organized by Fujishima that splits the groups into five people. One of Taichi's friends,Shingo Watase, joins up with him, commenting that he's a fan if Fujishima. Iori tries to join up with Himeko, who tells her no, and they both begin to argue, resulting in Iori running off. Fujishima, says that since she designed the groups to promote love and working together in the groups, she decides to add Inaba and Iori to her group.

Iori tells Taichi to meet her in the clubroom, but he remains in the classroom. Mr Go enters the classroom, and Taichi decides to help him move a table into stoarage. Mr Go sees Taichi depressed, and asks him what is wrong. he tells him to talk to his friends for advice on his problems. they meet Fujishima, who Go tells to help Taichi with his issue. intially she hesitates, calling Taichi her rival, but they decide to talk outside. When Taichi tells her the dilema of needing to talk to someone to make something happen, but that talking to someone would hurt them. she asks him, which is more important to him, and that he must have a firm conviction in what he does, otherwise he wouldn't know what he would be doing. she gets interrupted by a call from someone wanting romantic advice, and then leaves. Taichi asks who is she, and Fujushima responds that she is a missionary of love.

Iori's message to Taichi
Iori's message to Taichi

Taichi returns to the clubroom, only to find Iori gone. However, before she left, she wrote a message on the blackboard to him saying that she'd be by Yui and to see her tomorrow. he smiles and writes below that the best defence is a great offense, and leaves.


  • Japanese Name: "Soshite Dare mo Inakunatta" (そして誰もいなくなった)
  • Manga Chapter:
  • Opening Theme: "Paradigm" (パラダイム Paradaimu) by Eufonius
  • Ending Theme: "Cry Out" by Team Nekokan feat. Atsuko

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