An Uncharmed Life/Cursed Buses! Fire Warrior Mars Appears

An Uncharmed Life/Cursed Buses! Fire Warrior Mars Appears is an anime episode of Sailor Moon that was released on 05/16/1992

This is the first episode in which we are introduced to the third Sailor Warrior, Sailor Mars.

At Queen Beryl's hideout, she worries that the Sailor Warriors will get ahold of the Silver Crystal before they do. She tell Jadeite that he has already failed her many times but that she will give him one more chance to redeem himself. He now has two objectives: collect the energy, and find the Sailor Warriors and kill them.

Usagi runs to Ami at a bus stop after seeing several police cars go by. Ami says that she is going to cram school. More police cars go by, and Naru runs up and tells them that a bus with around fifty passengers recently disappeared. The police believe that it could be some kind of mass kidnapping, and a large investigation is underway. Usagi suggests that they visit the Hikawa Shrine she heard about to get amulets to ward off evil. Naru comments that she heard there is a priestess there that has accurate fortune telling. Usagi, Naru and another friend decide to go, but Ami insists that she still has to go to cram school and asks Usagi to pick up an amulet for her. At the shrine, high school girls pray for boys they like to like them back. Jadeite looks on while disguised as a worker at the shrine, and thinks to himself that the energy in their prayers will be collected. Inside the shrine a young raven-haired priestess, Rei Hino, senses that something evil is coming. Her grandfather shows up to hit on the high school girls who were praying outside. He asks them to work as shrine maidens, but then says he is just joking when they tell him they came to buy amulets for love. He continues to act up in front of them until they run away laughing. His granddaughter comes out and yells at him for hitting on girls, saying there are bad rumors going around about him in the neighborhood. Usagi, Naru and their nameless friend come up to the shrine and comment on how pretty and cool the young priestess looks. However, as Jadeite collects the high school girls' energy at the shrine entrance, Rei senses evil and mistakes Usagi for the evil spirit. She performs a cleansing ritual and knocks her down, sticking a paper on her forehead that says "evil spirit be gone." Realizing her mistake, she helps Usagi recover. Jadeite brings her some towels and she asks him to leave them on the floor. Luna realizes that she has seen this man somewhere, but Naru and nameless friend (the appearance of the various nameless high school girls decreases once more Sailor Warriors appear!) comment on how gorgeous he is. Naru asks if he is Rei's brother. Rei explains that her grandfather hits on everyone who comes to the temple regardless of gender. One day Jadeite visited and her grandpa suddenly made him a live-in helper. When Rei says in front of Luna that she has strange prophecies, Luna wonders if she could be the princess they are looking for.

An angry woman abruptly bursts into the room demanding to see the head priest. She says that her daughter came to the shrine and never returned. She accuses them of purposely offering the special 5:30 PM ceremony to force people to take the 6:00 bus. Rei says that they have been offering that ceremony for a long time and that if she wants to report someone missing, she should tell the police. She angrily insists that it has nothing to do with her grandpa and tells the woman to leave. Usagi eventually leaves the shrine too, and meets up with Ami at the bus stop in front. They notice that there are lots of girls at the bus stop with the love amulets. Ami says that because of high school entrance exams, these girls should not have time for that sort of thing. Usagi has a daydream about both Motoki and Tuxedo Mask, both of whom she claims to be in love with.

When the bus arrives, the driver looks creepy and suspicious. All of the girls board the bus except Usagi and Ami. Ami tries to push Usagi onto the bus, but Usagi is too scared to get on. She ends up crying and refusing to get on the bus, and the bus takes off without them. Usagi, Ami and Luna see the bus drive away into the sky and enter another dimensional space. Once inside, all the girls on the bus pass out. Jadeite commands the bus driver to slowly drain out all of the girls' energy.

The next day, Usagi returns to the shrine and tells Rei that she saw the 6:00 bus disappear. Rei immediately becomes angry and assumes Usagi is also blaming her grandpa for the strange disappearances. Usagi apologizes and asks to be Rei's friend, but Rei tells her to leave. As Usagi and Luna run away, they drop a red transformational pen and Rei picks it up. Rei finally notices that the strange occurrences may have something to do with their new helper at the temple as she watches him sell the amulets. Usagi returns to the bus stop and starts crying again, afraid to get on the 6:00 bus. She finally decides to use the Disguise Pen to turn her into a "cool bus attendant", saying it will make her a little less scared. She gets on the bus and sees that all of the girls on this bus have passed out. The door closes and the bus takes off into the sky. Ami rushes to the bus stop, but is too late to get on. Meanwhile, Rei's prophecies reveal that the new temple helper is the source of the evil surrounding the temple. She tries to confront him alone, but he attacks her. Usagi appears within the dimensional space along with her pet crows, and Jadeite draws Rei into it as well. Luna watches while Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and gives her speech in front of the bus monster and Jadeite. Luna notices a glowing symbol on Rei's forehead and realizes that she is the third Sailor Warrior, Sailor Mars.

Sailor Moon throws her Moon Tiara at the monster and manages to bind it with a boomerang attack. Rei runs over to Sailor Moon and notices that Luna can talk. Promising to explain everything later, Luna tells Rei to pick up her transformational pen and yell "Mars Power Makeup!" Rei follows her instructions and transforms into Sailor Mars. She uses her Fire Soul attack and incinerates the monster, but the dimensional hole where they can get out is quickly closing. Ami, still at the bus stop, uses her transformational pen to show them a way out. Tuxedo Mask also appears and assists them with getting on one of the trapped buses. All of the buses make it back out of the alternate dimension with the lost passengers.

Jadeite, frustrated that another Sailor Warrior has appeared, disappears. The Sailor Warriors reunite and turn back to the bus to thank Tuxedo Mask, but he is gone. Sailor Mars asks Sailor Moon if she is in love with him but comments that it could just be a one-sided love. Sailor Moon cries while Sailor Mars sticks her tongue out at her.

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Mukuo Takamura Concept Artist
Junichi Sato Director
Naoko Takeuchi Original Concept Naoko Takeuchi is the prolific mangaka behind the international phenomenon, Sailor Moon.
Kazuko Tadano Character Artist/Designer
Sukehiro Tomita Writer
Daisuke Ikeda Music
Kazuo Sato Music
Takanori Arisawa Music Renown Anime Composer
Kiyoshi Matsumoto Animation Director


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