An Impossible Choice: The Pain Within Tsunade's Heart

An Impossible Choice: The Pain Within Tsunade's Heart is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 06/23/2004
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Search of Tsunade Arc

An Impossible Choice: The Pain Within Tsunade's Heart - 波紋 (Hamon)

Orochimaru and Kabuto suddenly appear before Tsunade and Shizune who are out sightseeing. Orochimaru, injured by the Third Hokage's Reaper Death Seal, seeks the former Sannin's medical expertise.


Opening Theme-

"GO!!!" by FLOW

Now that Naruto has completed step two of his new training, Jiraiya calls for them to move on Tanzaku Town to find Tsunade. he announces boldly and pointing in the direction, "Let's Go!". Naruto simply tells him not to act as if he's a child. He's not too thrilled about leaving as he's in the middle of his training. Jiraiya taught him two steps, but not the third. He's told that doing the third step is something one can do while walking. He pulls out another balloon and fills it up with air. He tosses one to Naruto and fills one up for himself. The first step is spin and the second step is power. He holds out the balloon saying this is the third step. Naruto looks, but the balloon in Jiraiya hand isn't moving. Laughing, Jiraiya holds out his left hand to show Naruto what's happening in the balloon in his right. Chakra fills his hand and is randomly swirling at an incredibly speed and only getting faster. It forms a perfect sphere.Jiraiya describes it as a small typhoon. The very same thing is hapening on the balloon to in his right hand. Step three requires using everything he's learned so far and retaining it. He needs to rotate and build the chakra in his hand even faster than before. He also needs to imagine creating a single layer in the balloon and compress the chakra within it. Naruto realizes that he needs to perform step one and two, but this time try to not pop the balloon. Though, he doesn't quite understand why.

Jiraiya goes to a nearby tree to show him an example. He uses step one and two chakra forms to strike the tree. It creates a wide swirl of gashes into the trunk. Next, he uses the completed jutsu on the tree. Pushing it in, it creates a hold in the tree in the shape of a perfect sphere. Naruto gives it a try. Though he struggles to retain it, the balloon warps wildly and pops. Jiraiya tells him tat there are no cutting corners here. He has to use 100% spin, power, and retain it. Seeing how difficult it is, Naruto realizes why this jutsu is on such a difficult level.

Jiriaya says they need to be moving on, but Naruto asks if they can stay a while longer. He's told that they've wasted enough time there. They have no idea if Tsunade will stay in that town for long. Jiriaya says that it's not as if an old acquaintance will just randomly appear to talk with her about old times.

Outside the now ruined Tanzaku Castle, Tsunade stands face to face with her former Sannin member, Orochimaru. He tells her that he's been looking all over for her and she asks for what reason. As he asks for a favor, she can tell by looking his heart rate is sped up and is suffering from a high fever. Kabuto enters the conversation by saying she must understand the situation by now. She tells him to go to someone else since she doesn't treat the sick anymore. Kabuto tells her that isn't an option given the wounds Orochimaru suffers. Only one of her skills could cure him. She asks about the injuries on his arm, but thinks how it must be a kind of sealing jutsu. She asks what he did, and Orochimaru casually answer that he killed the Third Hokage. Both Tsunade and Shizune are shocked at this news. Orochimaru tells her not to look at his with such a scary face. That everything dries and decays eventually, but she already knows that when two of the people she loved most have also died on her in the past. Kabuto looks to his master and realizes what he has planned.

Shizune targets Orochimaru with her poisoned needle launcher
Shizune targets Orochimaru with her poisoned needle launcher

Orochimaru laughs at what a terrible way it was for her loved ones to die. Shizune reacts by attacking with a poisoned needle launcher hidden up her sleeve. It fores several needles, but Kabuto manages to block all of them with his dagger before they can strike their target. She rushes with incredible speed and tells Kabuto to move away, but he refuses. Before he can attack at her neck, Tsunade calls for Shizune to calm down. They both pause and Kabuto notices a scalpel in her hand is inches from his own neck. he realizes that she's en expert fighter. They both draw their blades away form each other then jump back to the sides of their masters.

Tsunade using her chakra enhanced strength
Tsunade using her chakra enhanced strength

With a calm smile, Tsunade tells Orochimaru that he hasn't changed at all since the old days. He should know her personality as well. the smile fades from her face, and with a single strike of her fist, the giant stone wall behind her cracks and crumbles in an instant. With rage in her eyes, she tells him she's going to kill him. Witnessing he strength and rage, Kabuto thinks that she must be single.

Jiraiya arrives outside of Tanzaku Town with Naruto. He tells him how Tsunade is short tempered. Naruto fails to contain the jutsu and the balloon pops, blowing him backward. Jiraiya only tells him that it's no time to by laying down, and they walk into town. Back at Tsunade, Kabuto calls out that they aren't here to fight but negotiate. She orders them out of her sight, but Kabuto refuses. With every word from Kabuto, all she says is for them to leave, getting more and more angry. Eventually giving them to the count of five. Slowly she counts and they don't move. Shizune ready to fight on the count of two. After counting to one, Shizune rushes in to kill them both. Only then does Orochimaru offer to resurrect her dead little brother and her lover. At this announcement, every stops. He tells her that he's developed a forbidden jutsu that can raise the dead. After a long pause, He adds that since he hasn't been made to disappear that they have a deal.

Jiraiya shows Tsunade's picture around a gambling parlor and gets a lead. The man says to make back the money she lost there she went somewhere else. The other man in the parlor tries to tempt Naruto to gamble, but he's more interested in his training. When Jairaiya asks where, he's told he'll have to win the bet at the dice game. He thrown doen teh covered dice and tells Jiraiya that is he wins he gets the information for free, but is he loses. It's going to cost him 1,000 ryo. Jiraiya selects the number is even. He panics when he sees the numbers are odd, but as Naruto fails once more. There is a strong gust of wind that blows the dice over to an even number. Jaraiya checks around town, but still can't find her. As Naruto glances around he sees an older woman running a lotto trying to get his attention. She offers to sell him a scratch lotto ticket. Uncovering one spot will let him know if he's won or not. Surprisingly enough, he wins and refills his Gamachan wallet full once more. Even Jiraiya is impressed by Naruto's luck at gambling.

Jiraiya still can't figure out where Tsunade could of gone to in such a short period of time. he figures to try a higher location to look and remembers that this town has a tall castle. He calls Naruto to change direction.

Back at Tsunade and Orochimaru, he tempts her with seeing her loved ones again. Her mind is filled with images of her little brother, Nawaki; and her lover, Dan. Her eyes are filled with sorrow. She asks Orochimaru what he plans to do after she fixes his arms. He tells her that he's not going to lie. Walking up the path, Naruto asks where this castle is, but Jiriaya can't find it. Orochimaru says after getting what he wants that he plans to completely destroy the Hidden Leaf Village this time.

Points of Interest

  • The literal translation of the Japanese title for this episode if 波紋 (hamon), which means "ripple" or "repercussion".

Ending Theme-

"Ima made Nando mo (今まで何度も)" by the Mass Missile

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