An Encounter with...the Wicked Eye

An Encounter with...the Wicked Eye is an anime episode of Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions that was released on 10/04/2012

Episode I: An Encounter with...the Wicked Eye

An Encounter with...the Wicked Eye (邂逅の…邪王真眼) Kaikō no...Jaō Shingan

Yuta Togashi prepares for his first day of high school as he scorns his past as the delusional "Dark Flame Master". Not everyone is willing to go on with their lives and mature as he meets his upstairs neighbor, Rikka Takanashi. Unsure of what to think of this unusual girl, Yuta soon learns that the embarassment of his youth will not leave him so easily.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

Sparkling Daydream by Zaq

A narration occurs as someone explains how certain middle school students begin to develop thoughts of grandeur and do things out of character. Others will create bizarre fantasies that are surrealistic and downright embarrassing The technical name given to these is 'chunibyo' which translates to 'adolesent delusions'. The narrator in question is high school freshman Yuta Togashi as he laments on how ridiculous his own delusions were. In his last year of middle school, he created the persona of the Dark Flame Master and was bent on ruling the world. Putting those memories in several boxes to throw out, his younger sister Kuzuha states he shouldn't just toss everything away in the trash. Yuta goes through with it anyway as he sees a rope descend from the apartment above him. Noticing someone struggling to get down, he helps the mysterious girl with an eye-patch as she disappears.

The next day is the start of high school as Yuta has ensured a fresh start by joining a school where no one would know him. While waiting for the train, he runs into another student with the same uniform as he has. Smitten by her good looks, he becomes distracted when he sees the eye patch girl from last night, also in the same school uniform. Yuta misses the train but barely makes it on time where he goes through the entrance ceremony which afterwards, he tries to get rid of all the energy of being the Dark Flame Master outside. Later he meets his classmate Makoto Isshiki. Makoto wants Yuta's input about the girls in class, pointing his attention to the red haired girl he met at the station as Shinka Nibutani, one of the more pretty girls in class. As they converse, the eye patch girl starts to talk with him before feeling pain in her eye, the class telling Yuta to take her to the nurse.

While helping her out, she introduces herself as Rikka Takanashi as she reveals she knows about his old persona. Yuta realizes that she too is suffering from middle school delusions but has not given them up as she has several mannerisms similar to when he was younger. Wanting nothing to do with her and making her promise not to tell anyone his secret, Yuta tries to act normal in class, going so far to become a class representative alongside Nibutani. At the end of the day, Makoto invites Yuta to hang with him and some friends but their teacher Nanase Tsukumo tells Yuta that Rikka lost her wallet and needs someone to assist her home. He reluctantly agrees as he realizes that they are neighbors and his upstairs neighbor is her older sister.

By the time they get home, it is almost dark. Yuta wants to be done with Rikka but it turns out that since she just moved in, the movers dropped off all of her belongings with his family as opposed to upstairs. Demanding that Rikka take the junk out, he decides to help out when he sees her struggle. Night emerges by the time the two are finished. Rikka thanks him for his assistance never giving up the idea that she has a wicked eye. Yuta notices that she is all alone tonight and invites her to his place for dinner, where his sisters are smitten with Rikka and her behavior; his littlest sister Yameha not letting Yuta forget about the Dark Flame Master and loving Rikka's character. Afterwards, Rikka sees all the stuff Yuta plans on throwing out from his past, stating its important to hold on to memories like them. He decides to keep the stuff for now, knowing it would be a waste to throw it all out but still wishes to forget his crazy habits as a kid.

Closing Theme

Inside Identity by Black Raison d'etre (note: voice actresses Maaya Uchida, Chinatsu Akasaki, Azumi Asakura, and Sumire Uesaka perform this song)

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Tatsuya Ishihara Director
Jukki Hanada Writer


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