An Ancient Island! The Shadow Hiding in Little Garden!

An Ancient Island! The Shadow Hiding in Little Garden! is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 05/27/2001

Baroque Works Saga: Little Garden Arc

An Ancient Island! The Shadow Hiding in Little Garden! - 太古の島!リトルガーデンに潜む影! (Taiko no Shima! Ritoru Gaaden ni Hisomu Kage!)

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Opening Theme-

"Believe" by Folder5

Closing Theme-

"I'm Right Here! (Watashi ga iru yo)" by TOMATO CUBE

Episode Synopsis

On the Going Merry, Luffy wishes it would snow again, but Vivi explains that it's unlikely. The weather is far more erratic at the beginning of the Grand Line after Reverse Mountain due to the forces that make normal compass navigation impossible. That doesn't make the sea any less dangerous.

Sanji arrives with special drinks for everyone. Sanji gives Karoo as many of these drinks as he can handle before he falls over. Vivi seems to find their relaxed behavior frustrating. Nami assures her that everything will be fine.

They spot a dolphin off to the starboard bow. It looks cute, but as it dives out of the water and gets closer they realize that this dolphin is five times the size of their ship and jumps over them.

Everyone drops what they were ding and rushes about the ship to escape this huge animal. Now Vivi sees the crew working together in perfect harmony to get the job done.

The dolphin dives again, and this time they ride the wave away to safety.

Nami checks the Log Pose and directs the ship back on coarse. The net island appears on the horizon and Nami assures everyone that this is their next destination, Little Garden.

Just as they approach the island, the scene changes to a small resort island. A young girl complains to a man named Mr. 3 about being bored. He asks her not to call him by his code name so no one realizes who he is in Baroque Works. The camera pulls out to show he has his hair designed into a large number 3.

Mr. 3 asks her about the paper she's been holding onto for a few days now. Only now does she tell him that it's orders from the boss.

Mr. 3 grabs them and reads how Mr.5 and Miss Valentine had failed in their mission. He wished it had been Mr. 2 so he could be promoted. He says how a superb criminal should have a superb mind.

We are sent back to Little Garden. The crew can't quite understand the name. Vivi remembers the warning of Miss All Sunday. Usopp is scared and just wants the Log to set so they can move on to the next island. Nami explains that the log wont set so easily, and Sanji says they need supplies.

Zoro spots a mouth of a river into the island. Luffy hopes there is BBQ on the island.

Nami points out the odd variety of plants on this island. Many Nami doesn't recognize. A bird cry scares Nami and Usopp. Sanji thinks it's cute, but Usopp thought he was talking about him.

Sanji tries to brush off the sound as a bird flies closer toward him. He barely avoids the attack.

Suddenly, there is a large sound of an explosion from the island. It sounded like a volcano.

A giant tiger walks along the river bank as it follows the Going Merry, but suddenly and with no apparent reason. The tiger drops dead. Nami decides they should wait quietly for the Log to set so they can leave.

Zoro drops anchor, and Luffy asks Sanji to make him a boxed lunch. He wants to explore. Nami and Usopp think he's crazy, but Vivi wants to go as well, and volunteers Karoo to watch over her.

Those three leave, and Zoro suddenly jumps off to go for a walk. Before he can get away. Sanji asks him to kill an animal for meat if he comes across anything. Zoro walks away saying that he'll do what Sanji is incapable of doing at all. Sanji is angry that that accusation and jumps off the ship as well. He challenges Zoro to a hunting competition to see who can bring back the biggest catch.

Now Nami and Usopp are all alone. Some time later they are both alone and scared. Nami remembers something and runs inside. She starts rummaging through her books. She remembered reading about Little Garden before.

Elsewhere, Luffy and Vivi are running around the island. Luffy stops by a stream and pulls out an odd looking shellfish. Vivi recognizes it as an ammonite. the ground begins to shake.

Sanji is walking and feels like he's being followed. Suddenly, appearing behind him is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It attacks Sanji, but he easily leaps out of danger. With a single kick to the head, Sanji knocks the beast down.

Zoro is in another part of the jungle and is facing off with a triceratops. He's unsure if it's edible.

Nami is still searching her books.

Luffy and Vivi race forward and look above the canopy. Luffy wonders why there is a Sea King on land, but this is a dinosaur. Vivi realizes that this is an ancient land. Vivi explains that since travel to the varous islands on the Grand Line is so hazardous. Different islands develop differently. Some may be highly advanced, but this one is still in an age of dinosaurs.

Luffy leaps up to climb on it's neck.

Nami walks out of the cabin, having found the book she was looking for.

The T-Rex with Sanji is back on it's feet. Another kick buries it's head in the ground.

Back at Zoro. He figures this triceratops is is like another Santoryuu user. He pulls out all three swords to fight it. Three slices and the beast falls.

Somewhere in the jungle a dangerous looking giant walks.

Nami realizes now how dangerous this island is. Nami catches sight of the giant that is approaching. Bother Nami and Usopp scream.

Sitting on his prize catch, Sanji thought he heard Nami called for him.

Nami drops the book back on the ship, and a narrator's voice quotes from the book she found called "Brag Men".

" To those residents, this island is like a 'little garden'. Little Garden...That's what I will call this place. "
Louis Arnote, explorer

Points of Interest

  • This is the first episode where Nami is voiced by Wakana Yamazaki. She only voices Nami from episode 70-78.
  • The Resort Island, Kyuuka Island, is seen this episode, but not seen again in the series. This scene is out of continuity for the manga.
  • On the resort island, the character Pandaman can bee seen standing behind Miss Goldenweek when Mr. 3 asks about the paper she is holding.
  • It's funny that Miss Goldenweek is so lazy since the Goldenweek holiday, for which she is named, is a week of Japanese national holidays that students have the week off, and Weekly Shonen Jump, the magazine One Piece is published in, is not released.
  • Mr. 3 complains about his codename being used, but his real name isn't learned until far later in the series.
  • This episode marks the escalation in the rivalry between Zoro and Sanji. Zoro's fight with the triceratops is the first fight Zoro uses all three swords, including the two new swords, in the anime, but the fight was unseen in the manga.

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
SanjiCollier Shoot
LuffyGum-Gum Rocket (unnamed)

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