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Amestris is a anime/manga location
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Automail is a metal and mechanical prosthetic used in the Fullmetal Alchemist series.

Briggs Tank

The Briggs Tanks are heavy armored mobile weapons and equipped with a heavy-artillery cannon, developed by the Research and Development teams at Fort Briggs for front line combat.

Mannequin Soldiers

The Mannequin Soldiers are homunculus-like dolls with no minds. Created by the Amestrain State Military as a weapon against any army.

Mustang's Gloves

Mustang's Gloves are made of a special type of fabric called ignition cloth that create a spark and allow him to use his fire alchemy without having to draw a transmutation circle.

Philosophers Stone

The legendary alchemic amplifying substance the Elric brothers have been searching for to restore their bodies.

Picture of Elicia

This is a picture of Lt. Colonel Maes Hughes's daughter from Fullmetal Alchemist. He shows it to people all the time and never forgets it anywhere, annoying them.

State Alchemist Pocket Watch

The State Alchemist Pocket Watch is a special form of badge given to the members of the State Alchemists branch of the Amestrian State Military.

Transmutation Circle

A Transmutation Circle is a drawing that is required to perform alchemy.

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