America is a anime/manga character in the Hetalia Axis Powers franchise
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Alfred Jones, representant of The United States of America during WW2.


When America was just a baby, he was roaming around with a rabbit following him. Finland then found him and told England and France about it because Finland was attacked at the time. England and France then decide that they want to raise the new country, so they compete with each other and end up fighting with the most ridiculous reasons. In the end, France loses the battle because baby America felt sorry for England when he noticed that England was all by himself and chooses him to raise him. And thus, England becomes America's adoptive older brother...

England was always busy, so he never had time to see America, but whenever he did it meant something to the both of them. America also happens to develop his lack of taste in foods from England. America grew up fast, and he's quite strong as seen when he lifts up a buffalo when he was just a baby and when he dragged a car around looking for the key when he was older. After a while, England started to expect more from America, for him to dress properly in suits the way he always did. Soon after, America rebelled from England, broke away, and declared his independence. England wouldn't allow it, but he couldn't do anything in the end because hurting his little brother is something he couldn't bring himself to do.


He is depicted as very juvenescent, energetic, and quick-thinking. Being raised by England, he adopts the older country's sense of taste, and isn't scared of trying anything. Because of that, he enjoys exploring. He also has a deep love of justice, freedom, hamburgers, and heroes. It is terrifyingly appropriate as America has always tried and wanted to be hero throughout history by involving himself into other countries' businesses. He wants to the best, and he's got a big ego. Because of his big ego, England and Japan are the only ones who tolerate him. (This is according to Volume One of the manga)

Because he tends to eat large amounts of hamburgers and fast food, he has developed an interest in weight-loss machines and unusual diets. His big appetite for fast food might be derived from the country's current situation with obesity. (This according to Volume Two of the manga)

Country Information

[Official Name]: The United States of America
[Capital]: Washington DC
[Official Language]: English
[National Flower]: Rose
This information is according to the manga


America has expressed an interest in whales, aliens, superheroes (which obviously reflects his desire to be a hero himself), justice, happy endings, sports, video games, movie-making (according to Volume One), archaeology, sketching, and oddly-colored foods (according to Volume Two). He also has a tendency to figure out new and creative ways to annoy England.


 America's early sketch
 America's early sketch
The author, Hidekaz Himaruya, states in Volume Three of the manga that the country's personality was based off of his teacher who strongly disliked geography (which may explain why America's big ego makes him think a map of America is the equivalent of a world map, and that he could just drive to the other countries). He also states that he met a Canadian when he went to America and based the country's appearance on that Canadian. There are also notes that show America was originally going to be smarter and more cocky, but eventually changed into a loud hero wannabe character. In the end, the creator was more content with the latter characterization.

Relationships with Other Countries


Canada is usually mistaken for America at times, most often with Cuba who hates America and ends up beating Canada up when he mistakes the country for America. Because of this, Canada has a bit of a passive-aggressive anger with America who is oblivious to it. America also tends to not notice Canada and forgets that he exists. Despite that, they appear to have a healthy relationship as siblings as America will sometimes talk to him and visit him.


 England is where America gets his sense of taste from
 England is where America gets his sense of taste from
The older country fought with France over who should take custody of America when he was a baby. Even though England was more frightening than France at the time, baby America noticed how lonely England was and chose him over France. Since then, England has raised America like a little brother, much like China did with Japan. However, America grew up pretty fast, and disagreed with how England was trying to raise him to dress properly and act more mature. Soon enough, America had split from England and declared his independence. England nearly killed him since he held a blade to the younger country's throat, but couldn't in the end. America was his little brother, after all. This ends up creating a huge rift in their relationship, but when they both joined the Allies, they started to work together more. Sure, they still bicker with each other, but there are hints that they still care for the other.


Japan agrees with America in the Meeting of the World (Anime)
Japan agrees with America in the Meeting of the World (Anime)
America both attempts and succeeds in getting Japan to open his borders, but does it in a fashion that makes the other country feel like there was no other way around it. However, their relationship gets better as Japan confides in America that he is unfamiliar with new cultures and fears that he may not get along with other countries. He then asks America if opening his borders will allow him to make friends with the new people he might meet, to which America promptly answers "yes!" They have a mutual like of video games and technology. They also have a mutual confusion and fascination with each other's lifestyles. For example, Japan wonders why America fears ghosts in movies, but not bloody and rotting zombies in video games while America questions why "the nice lady" keeps giving him tissues when he was in Japan.


Lithuania always ends up back with Russia no matter what...
Lithuania always ends up back with Russia no matter what...
He fell into poverty after WW1, and had to look for work. England then introduced him to America who offered him a job as a housekeeper. Of course, England has second thoughts and worried if the younger country was going to scare Lithuania off. Surprisingly, Lithuania was very happy with America and said it was like "heaven". He also ends up making friends with America's alien, Tony, and America's whale. Unfortunately, when the Great Depression occurred, Lithuania and America ended up being poor. Russia was then able to hire Lithuania back because he was a communist country and therefore, unaffected by the Depression. Despite that, Lithuania goes to visit America on his birthday, and the two still share a fondness for the other.


Russia will take his "ex", Lithuania, back now, America
Russia will take his "ex", Lithuania, back now, America
Russia visited America when Lithuana was hired to be a housekeeper for the country. He only came to deliver a rather ominous message for America to be good to Lithuania ("He is my ex, after all.") After Russia was able to get Lithuania back, it was shown that there may have been tension between America and Russia before. When Lithuania asked Russia how America was doing (since he was trapped in Russia's house at the moment as the other country's subordinate), Estonia quickly whispered to him not to mention America, and apologizes to Russia for the bad conversation subject. There was some tension between Russia and America because of the two different governments they had. Russia being a communist government, when America had developed anti-communist feelings. That was during the Cold War when Russia was still the USSR at the time. However, when the USSR dissolved, those tensions went with it.
Voiced by
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Katsuyuki Konishi
Eric Vale
General Information Edit
Name: America
Name: アメリカ
Romanji: Amerika
Gender: Male
Birthday: 07/04/1776
1st manga book: Hetalia Axis Powers #1
1st anime episode: Hetalia: Axis Powers #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Alfred F. Jones
United States of America
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