Ambassador Magma

Ambassador Magma is an anime movie
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Long ago, the evil Goa was defeated by the golden giant robot Magma, created to defend this planet and its people. Now the two warriors are locked in a deep slumber, while on Earth the descendants of the Asuka family are guardians of their spirits. Fumiaki Asuka is kidnapped by aliens and used to awaken Goa. Schoolgirl Miki, the link to Magma, is forced to flee and takes refuge with the Murakami family. Mamoru Murakami meets with the protecting spirit of our planet, who calls himself "Earth," and is drawn into the battle between good and evil, becoming the one who can summon Magma with a magical golden whistle. Based on a minor manga by Astro Boy-creator Osamu Tezuka, Ambassador Magma was one of several projects, along with Zero Man and No Man, that only reached the pilot stage during their creator's lifetime. When Tezuka failed to sell AM as anime, he allowed the company P Pro to make it as a live-action series instead-the poor-quality 1966 52-episode rubber-monster show eventually released in the U.S. as Space Giants.(*DE)

It was only much later, as Tezuka's estate embarked upon a long and ongoing project to adapt all of his works for a new generation, that the series finally got an anime release, deliberately made in the blocky, old-fashioned 1950s style of the original, even so far as using the original artwork in the closing credits screened over an impossibly peppy martial theme. The show itself is never quite as interesting as it could be, alter-nating between scenes that are too childish to be engrossing and too hard-hitting to be suitable for young children. Despite its camp villains, the story has its scary moments-and is simply bursting with ideas and relationships that The X-Files later reprised, such as covert alien takeovers, human sleeper-agents, and time disturbances.

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General Information Edit
Name: Ambassador Magma
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1993
Romaji: Magma Taishi
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 25 (mins)
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