Alzack Connell

Alzack Connell is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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A immigrant from the West who joined the Fairy Tail guild. He has a crush on Bisca Mulan but is too shy to confess his love for her.


Alzack is a Fairy Tail mage who uses gun magic. His teammate is Bisca Mulan who also uses gun magic. He is a minor character who plays a small role but he fights in the Phantom Guild Arc and the Battle of Fairy Tail Arc.

Relationships with Bisca: According to Loke, he has not confess his love to Bisca, but he has a strong friendship with Bisca.

Rivals: Loke for Bisca's heart until Loke becomes Lucy's celestial spirit.

Fairy Tail Stamp location: Unknown


Alzack Connel, who is created by Hiro Mashima, has no information right now. He first appears in Fairy Tail volume 1 and episode 2. His Japanese voice actor is Yoshimitsu Shimoyama, and his English voice actor is Austin Tindle.



Alzack has long, black hair which his front side reaches past his cheeks. He has a western attire with a brown sarape. 7 years later, he has cut his hair and wears green earrings. His attire is similar to what he wears in the past.

Story Arcs

Phantom Arc

For Fairy Tail!
For Fairy Tail!

Alzack and Bisca are seen fighting the mages from Phantom guild when Erza and the rest of Fairy Tail invades Phantom Guild. After the failed invasion that results when Makarov who is drained of his magic, Alzack retreats with his Fairy Tail members. The next battle is when Alzack and his guild members encounter Jose's shadows. Alzack and the rest of the team stays behind to defend the guild and Lucy from the Jose's shadows.

Battle of Fairy Tail

After the Miss Fairy Tail Pageant is ruined when Evergreen turns Alzack's beloved Bisca and the other ladies into stone, Laxus announces his battle rules and forces everyone to fight in order to save the women of Fairy Tail. Although Alzack and the other Fairy Tail members try to stop Laxus at first, Freed's runes traps the guild members and Freed's rules force them to fight each other in order to get out. Alzack's first battle is with Jet and Droy and when Alzack defeats them, he apologizes to his fallen comrades, but he had to do it to save Bisca. As the battes goes on, Alzack encounters Freed and Freed easily defeats Alzack by depriving him of oxygen. After Natsu defeats Laxus and the Fantasia parade starts, Alzack watches Bisca's perfomance with the other spectators.

Filler Appearances

Alzack does appear time to time in filler episodes. The first time is after the Lullaby arc when Makarov, Erza, and her team are walking across the desert to get home. Alzack and Bisca are seen riding horses. Alzack's prominent role is in the dragon filler arc where he helps feed Natsu fire with the other guild members. Once Natsu is revved up, he defeats Daphne.

Powers and Weapons

Alzack applies magic to his gun and his attacks vary because Alzack can manipulate his bullets and alter their trajectory and path like Bisca. In the dragon filler episode, Alzack can shoots fire to feed Natsu.


  • Guns Magic: Tornado Shot - Alzack's wind attribute attack that slices or blows the enemies. He uses on Freed, but Freed slice through his Tornado Shot. Thus canceling it.
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Yoshimitsu Shimoyama
Austin Tindle
General Information Edit
Name: Alzack Connell
Name: アルザック・コネル
Romanji: Aruzakku Koneru
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #1
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #2
1st anime movie: Fairy Tail the Movie: The Phoenix Priestess
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