Gintama #22 - Always Hold A Screwdriver In Your Heart

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 02/04/2008

Plot Summary

Proper Japanese Title: いつも心に一本のドライバー

Viz Edition Release Date: May 3, 2011

Kondo's Guide to Excellent Leadership

1. Sometimes a stray dog is the most loyal dog.

2. Mind your manners when eating conveyor-belt sushi.

3. Always wash your hands after you do number one or number two.

4. Sometimes the biggest tool isn't the one in the box.

5. Don't lose track when counting sheep.

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 185: The less said about it the better (言わぬが花)
  • Lesson 186: Give back what you borrowed it (借りたものは返せ)
  • Lesson 187: The tales of a worker! It's sushi!! (一度取った皿は戻さない)
  • Lesson 188: The Shinsengumi's horrible toilet incident (便器を磨く事これ心を磨く事なり)
  • Lesson 189: To a novice a phillips and a flathead are equally as splendid. (素人はプラスとマイナスだけで十分だ)
  • Lesson 190: The power of imagination is best between two people (想像力は中2で培われる)
  • Lesson 191: Parameters in real life and in net games are directly inversed (現実とネットゲームのパラメーターは反比例する)
  • Lesson 192: Always, be a scredriver in your heart (いつも心に一本のドライバー)
  • Lesson 193: <<Gaolbreak 2>> If you have broken free of gaol before, it is not gaolbreaking? (プリズンブレイク シーズン2」ってアレもうプリズンをブレイクしてるからプリズンブレイクじゃなくね?)


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