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I was just wondering what characters could defeat Alucard with Schrodinger powers please post pictures and why, no power limitations everything is allowed. 
And not only manga/anime you can take any characters.
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An extremely large number of characters could defeat omnicard, namely ones with soulsuck considering the fact that alucards omnipresence comes from schrodinger, whom he absorbed, or characters that are just to powerful for him to handle. There are too many to list them all
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Moved the thread to Alucard's forum.

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Actually I think Alucard would let some characters defeat him seeing he wants to die but by honorable hands...Saying if someone like Saber or Archer from Type-moon Fate/stay night or maybe goku could. He would put up a fight and have fun but when it is all out he would just not think he was anywhere there for being dead.

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-Umineko top tiers

-A lot of character from SMT, such as Hitoshura, Lucifer, YHVH, Brahman

-Digimon top tiers

I cannot think on more for now

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