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Alternate Reality is a anime/manga concept
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A member of the Autobots from an alternate reality where the Quintessons were never driven from Cybertron and Alpha Trion is evil.


With a design similar to Black★RockShooter she carries a katana, wears glasses and is with a hovering skulls also known from Dead Master - though it has horns and has a huge bullet that looks like a '.303 British' run through it.


One of Black★Rock Shooter enemies who has a similar design to her. Black★Gold Saw's primary weapon is her "King Saw", a very large curved sword with a saw-like back edge and is responsible for giving Black★Rock Shooter her distinctive scar under her left breast.


Black★RockShooter is a character designed by artist 'huke' who is receiving an anime adaptation of the same name. She made her debut with a Hatsune Miku AMV collaboration between 'supercell' and 'huke' which created a misunderstanding for many fans that she is Hatsune Miku herself - but she is not. In many illusrations she is depicted with her katana named 'Black Blade' and her arm cannon 'Rock Shooter'.

Byakuran Jesso

Byakuran Gesso (白蘭) is the main villain in the Future Arc of Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

Carmen Winchester

Dean's wife in an alternate reality.


A character from the Black Rock Shooter anime. Chariot is the other self of Kagari Izuriha.

Dai Kaioshin

Unknown Character but has shown to be a kami of a galaxy

Dead Master

Described as the nemesis of Black★RockShooter, she is one of the antagonists in the anime Black ★ Rock Shooter. She has two large hovering skulls as a companion and wields a schyte.

Diego Brando

a major antagonist of Part 7 of Jojo's bizarre adventure and is Dio Brando's counterpart

Erza Knightwalker

Erza Scarlet's dimensional counterpart from Edolas. Unlike her Earth Land counterpart, Edolas Erza is sadistic, and cruel. She has also killed many of the Edolas Fairy Tail members earning her the title "Erza the Fairy Hunter".

Future Gohan

Future Gohan is the master of Future Trunks, from an alternate future in which Androids created by Dr. Gero destroyed major parts of the world. He is one of the last surviving Z-Fighters in that timeline.

Future Trunks

The son of Vegeta and Bulma from an alternate future.


Ghost is one of the members of the Six Funeral Wreaths and has the power to absorb all energy into himself. He shows no emotions or even thoughts, making him more like a living weapon than a human. He is actually Byakuran from another alternate dimension.


Hiroto Nakadai's pet.

Himeko Nonohara

Himeko is the protagonist of Hime-chan's Ribbon.

Hiroto Nakadai

Prince from an alternate dimension that is running from Lord Kumagai, his uncle who wants to be king, by using objects called the Absprung and Himmelskarte.

Johnny Joestar

One of the main protagonists of Part 7 and is Johnathan Joestar's counterpart.

Josuke Higashikata (JoJolion)

This alternative version of the Part IV protagonist is the main protagonist of Part 8.

Lucy Ashley

Lucy's dimensional counterpart from Edolas. While her physical appearance matches Heartfilia's, Ashley has a bad-girl attitude. She fights with a magic whip.


Menma is the son of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze from an alternate dimension. He is an evil version of Naruto and possibly secondary antagonist in Naruto Road to Ninja.

Miu Ousawa

The daughter of a demon king that was defeated by Akatsuki. By his request Akatsuki brought her back with him to Babel.


Previously an S-class mage of the Fairy Tail guild and one of their most powerful members. He now serves as the king of Edolas.

Nagisa Momoe

An mysterious child whom appears in "Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion". She is confirmed to be a magical girl, but her wish and her reason is unknown.

Natsu Dragion

Natsu Dragneel's dimensional counterpart from Edolas.


An Exceed from Edolas who happens to be Ichiya's counterpart as well as Extalia's captain of the Imperial Guard.


A old friend of Makarov's that lives in the forest outside of Magnolia town mostly because she detests humans, excluding Makarov.


Replica is Yuma's chaperone.


Part of the supporting cast in the Black★Rock Shooter OVA. She is implied to be the "other self" of Yuu.

Tiffania Westwood

Tiffania is the half-elf who revived Saito. After Saito finds her she starts going to the school instead of living in the woods. She is known for her large breasts.

Yasuho Hirose

is one of the main characters of Part 8 of Jojo's Bizarre adventure and counterpart of Koichi Hirose.

Yuma Kuga

Yuma is a Neighbor, who is searching for his father's friend on Earth

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