Already Wet?

Already Wet? is an anime episode of Kanokon that was released on 06/14/2008

Chizuru takes Kouta on a special vacation to a pristine beach for the spirits in order to escape the problems of the world and to spend time alone with him, but her plans are once again ruined when Tayura, Akane, and friends decide to tag along with them. To Kouta's surprise and the displeasure of Chizuru, it seems that Chizuru's scheming mother Tamamo along with her aide Yukihana also runs the local surfshack at the very beach that they are staying at! Shortly after arriving, Nozomu and Chizuru resume their full efforts to make Kouta their man, and with even Tamamo joining in on the effort to impress Kouta, it nearly drives poor Kouta to the edge of insanity! Tayura tries to impress Akane in order to be able to make her his girlfriend, but ends up failing miserably as she has no interest in him.

Can Kouta finally express his true feelings for Chizuru that he has been trying to say unsuccessfully for so long? Will Tayura ever win the affection of the uninterested Akane? Or will both of them suffer the same unlucky fate at the expense of their lover's interests?

Characters & Voice Actors

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Atsushi Ootsuki Director A Storyboard artist and episode director.


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