Alois Trancy

Alois Trancy is a anime/manga character in the Black Butler franchise
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Alois Trancy is a new character of Kuroshitsuji II and apparently the main villain in the series.

"I want you, Ciel Phantomhive. That's all it is." Alois Trancy


Alois Trancy & Claude Faustus
Alois Trancy & Claude Faustus

Alois Trancy, also known as Jim McCain, is a fourteen year old boy, and the new antagonist in the second season of Black Butler. Alois' birthdate is the 5th of November. Alois has a strange obsession with Ciel and spiders. Alois is the head of the Trancy Household, and is referred to as 'danna-sama' or 'Your Highness' by his servants. His butler is a demon, named Claude Faustus who he attempts to impress and forces to do mundane tasks. His other servants are a triplet group of demons and a maid named Hannah. His contract mark with Calude is a gold coloured star on his tongue. Alois is voiced by Mizuki Nana, and does not make an appearance in the manga.


The unofficial story is that shortly after he was born, Alois was kidnapped and his mother, in her deep grief, committed suicide leaving his father to search for him alone. During his time spent kidnapped, Alois was kept as a slave in an unknown village. Something occurred in this village which killed everyone leaving Alois as the only survivor of this event. Then Alois returned with Claude and soon after his return became the Trancy's household's lord after his father died under mysterious circumstances, something his uncle Arnold finds suspicious.

it is revealed that he is actually Jim Macken, an orphan from the village. After everyone in the village died, including his little brother, Luca, Jim was taken in with a group of other boys by the Head of the Trancy Estate who committed pedophilia with them. While in captivity Jim heard rumours about a fairy that grants wishes, and after following the instuctions he was able to summon the spider demon, Claude. However after realising he had no wish that he wanted granted, Claude told Alois to call for him when he finds a wish. Afterwards he is summoned by the monarch of Trancy and becomes Lord Trancy's favorite bedmate despite originaly being called as having "dirty eyes" by the Earl. Jim, parading as then on as Alois, Trancy's lost heir, receives favourable treatment such as fashionable clothes and more freedom in the mansion from the Earl. Alois makes a contract with Claude to seek revenge against the person that killed his brother, by possessing Ciel, whose soul Sebastian has "a strange attachment to." When the head of Trancy dies Alois becomes the new Earl and releases all the captive boys, vowing revenge on Sebastian Michaelis.


Alois Outfit
Alois Outfit

Alois wears a long plum purple frock coat, a forest green vest with black lining, a white button-up shirt, shorts, long black stockings, brown high heel boots with purple laces, and a dark grey-black ribbon tied around his neck. At the masquerade ball, he wears a vampire costume: a mid-length purple coat with black fur trimming the collar, cuffs and hem, red batwings attached to the back, and a red ribbon brooch with a set of fangs in its center; plus purple pants, a small purple top hat with black batwings, and costume fangs over his teeth. His eyes are a very light shade of blue. He has light blond hair and long eyelashes.

Alois Faustian Mark
Alois Faustian Mark

He holds his contract mark with Claude an encircled pentagram-like shape on his tongue. He is also slightly taller than Ciel, more so in the anime than in official artworks, he is approximatley 165 cm (5'5") tall. It is shown that his contract mark is not visible at all times, and is mainly only shown if Claude is nearby. In his childhood, he wore a shirt and vest with a brown tie and a pair of trousers.In his disguise as a maid in episode 5, he wears a medium blond wig with twintails, and Hannah's maid clothing. From the front he looks almost the same as normal except for a few strands of extra hair and the twintails from the wig.


Alois's emotions are quite unpredictable; one of his few consistent traits is his attachment to his butler, Claude, whose attention he is frequently trying to attract. He seems to have an overall cheerful disposition in spite of hardships and misgivings, making him a sort of foil to Ciel. He has an interest in having Ciel, solely for the purpose of angering Sebastian. He often keeps low and underestimates others as he thinks he is the greatest.

Alois can be easily frightened such as the dark, being alone, adding to the childish element of his personality and is seemingly hyperactive and cheerful one moment and furious the next. His horrific childhood that contained no parental figures seems to spark his extreme need for affection and acknowledgement. This is perhaps why he is so needy of Claude up until the very end. It can be assumed that he just wanted someone to acknowledge his existence and pay attention solely to him and his needs. Eventually, when Claude no longer wants him and claims that he just used Alois to get to Ciel, Alois attaches himself to Hannah instead as she truly acknowledges him despite everything he did to her prior to that point. He also appears to be easily angered and loses interest in things fairly quickly. Alois often uses harsh and impolite language, regardless of whom he is speaking to.

Kuroshitsuji II Story

At the beginning of the episode He is seen making a contract with Claude; the contract mark resides on Alois's tongue, Claude is helping him to get dress and at breakfast, he sticks his fingers into Hannah's eye, torturing her.. at noon his uncle Arnold arrives, he greets him. He tells Arnold of when he was kidnapped as a child. When Arnold is about to go home, Alois scatters banknotes and land agreements onto the ground from the balcony, mocking his greed that night mysterious traveler arrives to the Trancy Mansion, carrying a large steamer trunk, requesting shelter from the storm for the night. Alois tells Claude to let him stay. The traveler asked Alois to show him the mansion and go down to the storage room, taking a box of tea leaves of a flavor called New Moon Drop. Then he is attacked byClaude who discovers his identity, it was Sebastian, also is revealed that he is carrying Ciel inside the trunk. He is attacked by Claude but manages to flee safely into the woods.

Alois gets bored in picking a costume for his costume party and tells Hannah to strip so that he can wear her dress. He tries to put a dress on Claude, but his butler refuses. At the party, he disguises himself as a maid with long blond hair and tries to seduce Ciel. He takes Ciel's eyepatch and runs away. He gets angry when he sees that Ciel is unsatisfied. Dressed as a demon/vampire, he lets his butler talk with Sebastian but tells him to settle the matter in ten minutes. Seeing Claude return with Sebastian alive, he wants to punish Claude but his butler refuses. Later, Alois makes Ciel angry by dancing with Elizabeth. He vows to "have" Ciel while Ciel vows to kill him.

He duels with Ciel. He corners Ciel at first, but as the butlers arrive, he gets stabbed in his stomach and bleeds profusely. Alois is mocked by Ciel, who believes that Alois killed Ciel's parents. Alois tries to explain, telling Ciel that "we're both the same" and that he's being deceived by a demon, begging and crying as he holds onto Ciel's leg. Ciel is about to strike him dead when Claude finally stops him. In separating them, Claude inadvertently tastes Ciel's blood and nearly swoons in ecstasy; he does not help the wounded Alois, who vomits a gush of blood and says, "oh, you look as if you have seen maggots swimming in a pile of dung," before passing out.

Alois' past as 'Jim McCain' is revealed; he was a slave to the head of the Trancys. He overhears his friends talking about summoning a fairy. He meets Claude and keeps in touch with him. When he enters a room as a slave to the former Trancy Head, he makes a wish, and Claude offers to form a contract. Back in the present, he is saved from Grell by Hannah, but his soul is stolen from his body by Claude and stored within the Trancy ring - which Claude pockets after saying that Alois' soul with be of some use. Hannah is seen sticking her fingers to Alois's left eye after his body has been left beneath the tree by Claude, murmuring to his corpse something about his "wish".

The ring Alois wore in life which also contains his soul is now being worn on Ciel's finger and his memories have been mixed in with Ciel's.

After Alois/Ciel are brought to a demon sanctuary with Hannah, Claude and Sebastian, Alois talks to Ciel as they wait for their butlers to finish dueling. It is shown in this episode that the wish he made with Hannah was for Ciel's soul to never get eaten, and for him to join Luka in Hannah's body. Alois is shocked and sad when Claude dies, and then disappears from Ciel's body,


  • His birthday is November 5th
  • Alois is the oposite to Ciel, his actions emotions and toughts even their butlers
Voiced by
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Luci Christian
Nana Mizuki
General Information Edit
Name: Alois Trancy
Name: アロイス・トランシー
Romanji: Aroisu Toranshi
Gender: Male
Birthday: 11/05/1875
1st manga book: Kuroshitsuji Anthology Comic Nijishitsuji #2
1st anime episode: Black Butler II #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Your Highness
Jim Macken
Jim McCain
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