Almost Home Free

Almost Home Free is an anime episode of Digimon Adventure that was released on 10/03/1999

DemiDevimon is talking with Myotismon and explains that Garudamon was spotted in town along with the seven children. He explains that they have not yet found the eighth DigiDestined, but they are still looking harder than ever all around the city, and he probably will be found soon. Myotismon then tells DemiDevimon that he has to make sure the seven DigiDestined do not find the eighth child. Meanwhile, the group decides to travel home on the subway. After a bit of confusion, Izzy finds the quickest (though somewhat complicated) route to Odaiba. They buy their tickets and once again tell their Digimon to try to avoid public attention by not talking or moving. Right before the subway arrives, Koromon and Tsunomon jump on the train tracks ready to attack, thinking the train is and evil Digimon. On the subway, Sora offers her seat to a mother and her baby. The baby then begins pulling on the appendage in the middle of Yokomon's flower, and continues to do so until she finally yells at him to stop. Most of the people on the subway are quite shocked, but Sora pretends that she was just using ventriloquism to make the 'doll' talk. This impresses the people, and a boy begins asking his father for his own 'Yokomon Doll'. Sora tells them where to buy one and most of the passengers leave at the next stop. Everyone falls asleep, not having slept properly in a while and when they awaken, they find out they missed the stop they were going to transfer at. Unfortunately, Patamon was going to wake them up but Palmon reminded him that they were supposed to stay quiet, so he didn’t say anything. Before the group transfer trains they decide to have a bite to eat, because they are all very hungry and their Digimon might need to Digivolve.

While looking for a place to eat in the crowded subway stations, Izzy and Joe get separated from everyone else. Izzy then discovers that their Digivices aren't working properly, so they cannot track the other’s locations. They exit the subway station to look for their friends and almost cross paths with one of Myotismon's henchmen, a large, mysterious figure in a trench coat. Joe sees the rest of the group though a window in a tall building, and can tell they are eating without him and Izzy. They quickly meet up with the rest of the group to find out that there is no money left for them to order any food. Izzy realizes his Digivice is working again, and guesses it probably only works from close distances in the real world.

After eating, the kids decide that they should attempt hitch-hiking home, because they don't have money for the subway and it's better than walking. Tai tries to stop a car first with no luck and tells Matt to try next, but he appears to be too embarrassed to do it. Joe and Izzy go next, which amuses the others, and they stop a taxi. The driver then realizes the kids don't have any money and leaves. Sora and Mimi then coincidentally end up stopping Sora's "black sheep" cousin, Duane who gives them a ride. A news report comes on the radio in the car about the Highton View Terrace incident from earlier. Koromon then makes a mess in Duane’s car as they are going over a bridge. Everyone piles out of the car, and Sora's cousin loses his temper. He gets mad at Sora, who wanted to take the blame for the others, and then starts to blame Joe, despite him having nothing to do with it. Duane then accidentally knocks Izzy over the bridge, and as he is falling towards the water, Motimon Digivolves to Tentomon just in time to save him.

Unbeknown to them, swimming in the water below is one of Myotismon's sea henchmen, Gesomon, a giant squid-like monster. Duane gets scared and leaves, while Gomamon Digivolves into Ikkakumon to take on the evil Digimon in the water. The fight between the two attracts a lot of attention from bystanders and Gesomon is easily defeated. The kids manage to escape unnoticed from the crowds of people watching the fight. Ikkakumon then takes the kids to Odaiba, by travelling in the river. Unfortunately, little did they know, DemiDevimon saw them, and is now aware of their location.

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Myotismon ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Richard Epcar ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
Ryuzaburo Otomo ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)


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Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru Character Artist/Designer Character Designer for various animes.


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