Alligator Nichol

Alligator Nichol is a anime/manga character
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Nichol is a Jackal, a blade for hire in the crime ridden Cicero City. He wields the huge wedge blade known as the Alligator, similar to the sword used by his mother, Shinigami Roxy

Nichol is a Jackal hailing from Cicero City, who uses the colossal wedge blade known as the Alligator in his job. Jackals are mercenaries who belong to neither of the two gangs who run Cicero City, but who often take up contracts that the gangs dish out.


In the first chapter (or Kill, as the chapters of Jackals are named), Alligator slaughters a room full of members of the Tennouren gang, and is then confronted by a member of the "Mermaid Thirteen", Gabriella's elite. This assassin, "Green Eyes" Abraham, is revealed to be a knife specialist, as he throws a knife at Nichol, which he estimates hits Nichol 0.2 inches outside of his heart. When Nichol tries to attack, Green Eyes hits him with several more knives simultaneously. Nichol falls to the ground, and Green Eyes begins mocking him as he moves closer.

Nichol then jumps up, slicing Green Eyes' right arm off, and then slices him in two at the waist. Following this, Nichol and Silver Fox leave, shortly before the police arrive. One of the officers states that the scene of carnage is like the remains of an alligator's meal.

In the second and third Kills, (since the next one has two parts), Nichol fights a rogue police officer who has taken it upon himself to clean up Friedrichstown, where Jackals is set. Nichol manages to shake off a powerful electric shock, and uses the Alligator's flat side to block one of Officer William's bullets. Attacking, Nichol accidentally splits open a fire hydrant and soaks himself. To avoid another shock, which would kill him, Nichol runs to the other side of the street, and Officer William points a gun at him, but sounds surprised when Nichol states that it is the perfect range for the Alligator, before the Jackal throws the wedge blade. Surprised, the officer admits that he had no idea Nichol could use the Alligator in such a way, before he dies, the Alligator having sliced open most of his chest, from his shoulder to his waist.

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Name: Alligator Nichol
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
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1st anime movie:
Aliases Nichol D Heyward
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