InuYasha #33 - Allies and Enemies

is a manga book published by Shogakukan that was released on 04/08/2008

Plot Summary

A fierce battle rages in the borderland lying between the world of the living and the afterlife. A mysterious force is attacking Inuyasha and preventing him from obtaining the last Shikon shard. This force claims to be acting on behalf of the will of the shard itself! Inuyasha also faces the dreaded Naraku, who will stop at nothing to obtain the shard. When all hope seems lost, Inuyasha receives help from a surprising force--his half-brother!

Chapter Titles

  • Scroll One: The Will of the Shard
  • Scroll Two: The Arrow That Fell Short
  • Scroll Three: The Spreading Taint
  • Scroll Four: The Unbreakable Shield
  • Scroll Five: The Final Shard
  • Scroll Six: Tested
  • Scroll Seven: Diamond Spears
  • Scroll Eight: The Way Home
  • Scroll Nine: The Shrine Rat
  • Scroll Ten: The Demon Lure


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Rumiko Takahashi artist, cover, writer,


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