All Quiet On The Kissui Front

All Quiet On The Kissui Front is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 05/15/2011

Plot Summary

Tomoe begins worrying about her future, she sees her self as old and is jealous of Nako, Minko and Ohana. Before going to work one day, she is called by one of her high school girlfriends and invited to a wedding. Her friend remarks that Tomoe is one of the last of her high school friends to not be married.

Nako and Ohana being watched
Nako and Ohana being watched

On their way to school that day, Nako and Ohana are stalked by a group of men in army uniforms. Tomoe explains to them that they are self-proclaimed "survival gamers" and are also going to be staying at the Kissuiso. This turns out to cause distress for the young girls, especially Nako and Ohana, as the survival gamer's antics border on sexual harassment.

Tomoe ultimately decides that she will attempt to drive out the survival gamers by force, and as a result get herself fired, so she can attend the wedding! First she attempts to rudely awaken the guests, banging a steel pot. Secondly, she hoses them all down as they try and infiltrate the outdoor . However, this has the opposite effect that Tomoe was intending. The guests are thrilled and excited by Tomoe's defensive actions! They even go so far as commending Tomoe as "an excellent commander", and tell Sui that they will definitely come back to the Kissuiso again.

The survival gamers salute Tomoe
The survival gamers salute Tomoe

The girls, Nako and Ohana, are also impressed that Tomoe was able to adapt a different style to serve a different group of customers. They then start calling her "Tomoe-ney-san" (roughly translating to "big sister Tomoe"). Tomoe then realizes that she shouldn't take her job so lightly, she starts realizing how cute Nako and Ohana are, and gives herself more credit for how hard she works at the . So, Tomoe turns down the wedding invitation.

Title Reference

The title of this episode is a reference to a post-WWI novel by Erich Maria Remarque titled, "Im Westen nichts Neues" (the title is commonly translated from German to English as, "All Quiet on the Western Front").

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