All Blues

All Blues is an anime episode of Kids on the Slope that was released on 06/28/2012

All Blues

Sentaro is still gone and with entrance exams and graduation fast approaching, it looks like everyone is going their separate ways. Kaoru will be attending college in Tokyo, and Ritsuko will go to the local college in Kyuushuu. As Kaoru spends less and less time playing piano, and pays fewer visits to the Mukae Record's Store, maybe it is time to say goodbye.

Plot Summary

Sentaro is still gone. Kaoru is at the top of the class again which may have something to do with him no longer having jam sessions. Kaoru goes to the roof and finds several students there. The school decided to open up the roof to students. Kaoru overhears a student saying that, "apparently a third year was hogging the key before," (referring to Sentaro).

After school, Ritsuko has ice cream with Tokie. Since Sentaro ran away, Kaoru and her haven't been together much. Tokie encourages Ritsuko to take action and stop waiting. Kaoru happens to pass by the ice cream shop and Tokie gives Ritsuko a little push. Ritsuko asks if he will be coming to the records store. He says no because he will be studying for entrance exams. But before he can walk away, Ritsuko invites Kaoru to study at the Store.

Kaoru holds Ritsuko
Kaoru holds Ritsuko

The Records Store is closed and Mr. Mukae is out, so it's just them. Kaoru sees a photo of him and Sentaro on Ritsuko's desk. It's her favorite photo of them. Kaoru does not want to talk about Sentaro. After some time, Ritsuko apologizes for mentioning Sentaro. Kaoru says it's fine because he still has her. He starts kissing Ritsuko despite being asked to stop. When he is on top of her, Kaoru says he's glad Sentaro is gone so he can be alone with her. She pushes him off. She can hardly believe her ears and runs downstairs to prepare tea. Kaoru comes down, apologizes and gives her the news that he is going to college in Tokyo. He leaves and runs home, beating himself up about what he just did.

It is graduation day. Everyone is either happy or sad as they say celebrate and say their goodbyes. Maruo tells Kaoru that he'll never forget Kaoru's performance with Sentaro last year. After graduation, Kaoru walks alone. "Good riddance to this damn slope," he overhears a student saying. Kaoru stops by the Mukae Records Store. Ritsuko doesn't come down to greet him. Kaoru exits the store and standing outside, he shouts up at Ritsuko's window. Kaoru gives the best goodbye he can and thanks her for the time they spent together. That night, when Kaoru is ready to board the train, Mr. Mukae catches up to him and gives him a going-away present, a bento box made by Ritsuko. As the train takes off, Ritsuko runs to see him, and they're able to meet eyes once more just before the train completely leaves the platform.

Yurika Fukahori
Yurika Fukahori

8 Years Later: Kaoru is a young doctor working at a hospital. When on break, he learns from the television news that Seiji has become a popular singer. At the hospital, Kaoru meets a 6-month-pregnant Yurika. Their conversation soon shifts to Sentaro. Kaoru had stopped playing piano and still has not seen Sentaro since he left years ago. Suddenly, Yurika gives him a wedding picture which contains someone who looks familiar.

The children clap and cheer!
The children clap and cheer!

Kaoru quickly hops on a train and takes a boat to a rural area and asks around about a church and priest. The residents have good things to say about the priest. Kaoru gets excited as he learns more about this "priest-in-training" who has helped raise orphans, and he runs up the slope to the church at the top to see if the priest is Sentaro. He goes into the church and sees something covered in a white sheet. It's a drum set. He bursts out laughing. Kaoru plays "Moanin'" on the church's organ and Sentaro, who is in the field playing with children, soon joins him on drums. Soon enough they're jamming away and the kids come in to watch. After their performance the kids are ecstatic, cheering and clapping.

Sentaro and Kaoru run down the slope together
Sentaro and Kaoru run down the slope together

After that, they're told off by the head priest for using the instruments. With a laugh, Sentaro tells Kaoru to run. Together, they run down the slope. Ritsuko is waiting for them at the bottom, she holds a letter that writes, "It's been a while..."

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Shinichiro Watanabe Director Anime director.
Masahiko Kubo Key Animator
Yoko Kanno Music Yoko Kanno is a Japanese musical composer for anime and video games.


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