Alice Mizuki

Alice Mizuki is a anime/manga character in the Serial Experiments Lain franchise
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Lain's fellow classmate and her only true friend.


Alice is a 14-year old school who attends the same middle school as Lain Iwakura and known to hang out with her close friends, Juri and Reika. She is involved in a scandalous relationship with a male teacher that is implied to have gotten rather intimate.


Alice was a character created for the Serial Experiments Lain anime. Her name was taken off a previous work written by series screenwriter Chiaki Konaka called Alice in Cyberland. Alice is voiced by Yoko Asada in Japanese and Emily Brown in English.



Alice has brown hair and eyes, normally seen in her school uniform when attending classes.


Alice has a sincere and devoted personality, caring greatly to help with those close to her. She is the first person that Lain develops a genuine human relationship with as Alice attempts to help her socialize with others yet starts growing uneasy with the sudden changes in the girl's personality.


Alice attempts to help Lain fit in with her group of friends at the start of the series until she starts feeling uneasy with the sudden personality changes that the girl undergoes. Their friendship deteriorates when the Knights and Lain's wild personality spread rumors of Alice's relationship with a teacher on the Wired. Lain's attempts to mend the problem through use of her powers lead Alice to have an emotional breakdown as she has no one to confide in with the memories of her relationship being wiped from everyone.

Confronting Lain at her house, Alice comes to learn of the girl's true nature and reveals that humans still need their individuality and physical form. While this allows Lain to defy Masami Eiri and halt his plans, learning of what Lain is involved with causes Alice to mentally breakdown and be reduced to a catatonic state. Distraught over the suffering she caused her friend, Lain would reset all of reality to have everyone forget about her existence.

In the future, Alice is shown to be married and taken up being a teacher. Lain would meet up with her older self, having a feeling of deja vu while unaware of who she is.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Emily Brown
Yoko Asada
General Information Edit
Name: Alice Mizuki
Name: 瑞城 ありす
Romanji: Mizuki Arisu
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Serial Experiments Lain #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Arisu Mizuki
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Attractive Female
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