Alice Margatroid Friends

Alice Margatroid is a anime/manga character in the Touhou Project franchise
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Marisa Kirisame First meeting: Episode Unknown
Manga Unknown

Marisa Kirisame is a friend of Reimu Hakurei. She is a boss for the second Touhou game and a playable character for mostly the rest of the games. Marisa is a human magician and trains hard. She often "borrows" books from Patchouli without ever returning them.

Reimu Hakurei First meeting: Episode Unknown
Manga Unknown

The shrine maiden of paradise, Reimu Hakerei is the main character in all of the Touhou games except for Touhou 9.5. Reimu is lazy but can also be very hardworking. She never gets any donations unfortunatley. Fans joke about her having attractive armpits because her sleeves are detached.

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