Alice Liddel

Alice Liddel is a anime/manga character in the Alice in the Country of Hearts franchise
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She is the main character from Alice in the Country of Hearts. The game's rule is she has to spend some time with mostly guys and a Queen who all have a different interest in her if she wants to go back home.


Alice Liddel is a girl who feels that no one will love her and compares herself to Lorina Liddel who is everything she is not.


Alice Liddel is created by Quin Rose and illustrated by Soumei Hoshino. Although there is no mention in the author's notes about her creation, it is assumed that Alice Liddel's character is based off Lewis Carrol's character, Alice (in the novel Alice in Wonderland).



In her usual attire, she wears a blue ribbon for her hair and a blue and white dress.


She loves her sister but she is self conscious about her looks and compares herself with her sister. Alice loved a man who looked like Boris, but the man has fallen for Lorina. This causes her to be jealous of Lorina. She long for attention and someone to love her.

Unfortunately, her wish is answer by Peter White who kidnaps her and brings to the Country of Hearts. Despite all the attention, she doesn't want it. She values life and doesn't want anyone to kill each other.


  • The characters who Alice have no trouble with (sane or insane) are Boris Airay, Queen Vivaldi, and Julius Monrey.
  • The characters who Alice have a neutral relationship are Elliot March, Tweedle Dee and Dum, and Nightmare Gottchalk.
  • The characters who Alice have a shaky relationship (sometimes are good, neutral, or bad) are Peter White, Blood Dupre, and Ace.

Story Arcs

Game Rules

As Alice interacted with the inhabitants of the Country of Hearts, she finds that everyone treats life and death like it is nothing. Every man she meets except Julius is armed and dangerous. Also, Alice finds that the inhabitants have clocks for hearts and everyone who dies gets replace by afterimage or Julius, the undertaker. As Alice gets adjusted to the everyday life in wonderland, she still faces conflicts with men such as Ace, Peter White, and Blood Dupre who either attacks her or offends her.

1st volume's arc

The man with glasses and long ears introduces himself as Peter White to Alice. Alice gets kiss without her permission when Peter drinks the vial and forces down her throat. Suddenly, a man with long ears approach Alice. However, that man, Elliot March, wants to shoot at her. However, a man in a hat, Blood Dupre, stops his men from murdering Alice. As Alice thanks Blood, she is startled by the close resemblance of her former lover's face to Blood's face. Alice shoves his hand away and ran away. Somehow Alice comes back to the place she came from. This place is the clock tower. She meets a man with a ponytail and he is Julius Monrey. Of course, Julius wants Alice to scram until Alice reveals her glass that had the medicine. Julius has a change of heart and takes Alice in his home and explains about the territories and the rule of the game. As daybreak approaches, Alice ventures off to pursue Peter White. Suddenly, a new face comes out of the bush and he is Ace. Later Alice meets Queen Vivaldi and Peter White. The Queen and Alice have tea while the Queen asks Alice where she be staying. Alice replies she is content to stay at Julius's clock tower. As tea time ends, Peter begs the tired Alice to sleep at the castle before leaving. This is when Alice meets Nightmare in a dream. In this dream, Nightmare explains to Alice that this world is your dream and your wishes will come true.


None. She's an average girl.

Voiced by
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Rie Kugimiya
General Information Edit
Name: Alice Liddel
Name: アリス・リデル
Romanji: arisu rideru
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Alice in the Country of Hearts #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Recent Movies
Alice in the Country of Hearts: Wonderful Wonder World

This is the movie based on the Alice in the Country of Hearts otome games.

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