Alibaba's Answer

Alibaba's Answer is an anime episode of Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic that was released on 01/13/2013
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Alibaba tells Abhmad to step down, as Kogyoku tries to stop the commotion. Sinbad arrives with representatives of the Alliance of Seven Seas. As Alibaba declares to the people that Balbadd shall be a republic, Cassim and his men approach the palace.
— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

While Koubun heals Judal, Kougyoku informs Judal that she has heard some commotion going all at the royal palace. The two see two kinds of Rukh emerging from Judal's body. Outside of the palace, Morgiana beats down more of simian-like troops. She hopes Alibaba will resolve this conflict soon. In the royal court, Sahbad states that he has no qualifications fit to be a ruler, and Ahbmad explains that Saluja have to rule over a vast country. Alibaba interrupts Ahbmad and informs Ahbmad that Sahbmad is brave for helping him. Ahbmad tries to slice Alibaba, but Alibaba easily fends him. Alibaba asks him to step down from his throne, and when Ahbmad orders his guards, no one would follow his orders. Then, Kougyoku arrives to the scene. In Balbadd, the Nando brothers, the weapons dealer, and both Jafar & Masrur see the Rukh gathering in high concentrations. When Kougyoku asks for Ahbmad, she is shocked at what her future husband looks like. Though, the Banker informs her that a new ruler is being determined since Ahbmad is being forced off his throne. Everyone looks at Alibaba, and Alibaba states that he will not be king because he has indirectly caused the death of his father and fled the country. He asks Kougyoku to sign a transfer treaty, but Kougyoku cannot since the two countries have to be agreement. Alibaba tells her that Balbadd is ending the monarchy and explains that the people should run the government.

With Alibaba's new proposal stated, Sinbad and his diplomatic heads arrive to the court. Sinbad states that he originally came here with his group to recommend Alibaba as king of Balbadd. When Kougyoku asks Alibaba about the rights of Balbadd being held by her empire, Alibaba explains that the country cannot follow through with its agreement since Balbadd has nothing. Kougyoku mentions that her father won't allow it, and she states that Kou Empire will obtain Balbadd. Alibaba tells her that this country will help Kou Empire flourish through its trade and tries to convince her not to go to war with Balbadd. Yet, Kougyoku will not accept Alibaba's argument. Sinbad remarks that Balbadd is joining the Seven Seas Alliance, and Koukyogu asks Sinbad to meet with her father to acknowledge this alliance. With Kougyoku leaving the scene and everyone cheering, Banker's staff has some black Rukh sprouting from it.

In the skies, Kougyoku looks forward to meeting Sinbad in the near future. Back at the royal court, Alibaba states that he will follow Kashgan as a role model. Banker comments that all their efforts will fail because nations need one ruler. In front of Balbadd's citizens, Alibaba informs everyone that this country will be reborn as a republic. Both Banker and Weapons Dealer comment on how history repeats itself as the black Rukh swarms violently. Meanwhile, the white Rukh swarms all over Aladdin's body. The crowd cheers for Alibaba. When things seem to be heading towards a good direction, Kassim and his Fog Troupe walks slowly towards the palace.

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The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Alibaba: "Becoming a republic means governing yourselves. But I think you've all been doing that already. In this declining country, you've managed to protect and govern your own tiny territories - your families - by battling heavy taxes, poverty, oppression, and the like. I'm speaking of you all here before me, aren't I? This world is full of wars, chaos, and abnormalities. And I'm sure that you'll find yourselves falling victim to them. But all we have to do is try to figure out what to do together, whenever something happens. Even when it seems hard to find an answer, you're going to figure out how you're going to live in bliss with your family, and choose the best solution. Be brave! Let's all take these steps together, and live our lives in this land! That's what the new Balbadd will be like!"
— Explaining to the people

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the anime, Kougyoku and Ka notice the Rukh emerging from Judal's body. This scene does not occur in the manga. Instead, regular soldiers from Kou Empire notice the Rukh.
  • In the anime, both Banker and Isnan are seen talking outside about the Rukh. Compared to the manga, it's only Banker. Isnan does not appear in the manga, but it's the Weapon Dealer.


  • Japanese Name: Aribaba no Kotae (アリババの答え)
  • Manga Chapter: 61-64
  • Opening Theme: "Matataku Hoshi no Shita de" by Porno Graffitti
  • Ending Theme: "The Bravery" by Supercell

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shinobu Ohtaka Original Concept Manga artist
Porno Graffitti Matataku Hoshi no Shita de"
Supercell 2nd OP Theme Song: "The Bravery"


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