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JUDAR IS HERE! I didn’t think an event as simple as that would make this Magi chapter so much more exciting, but it did, and it has something to do with finally lifting the Alma Toran Arc atmosphere that has been hanging over Magi for the last two chapters.


Confronted with the truth, Aladdin attempts to bring Sinbad and Kouen into an alliance within which the focus would be to end Al Tharmen’s hold over the Kou empire. But as the egos of these two powerful men rise to overshadow their common sense, an unlikely element emerges on the scene.

It’s been two chapters since we existed the Alma Toran arc, however it wasn’t until this chapter that Magi felt like it had finally left the dreary atmosphere of Alma Toran and Solomon behind.

We are finally back into the typical Magi pace and I cannot remember the last time I was this excited about a Magi chapter; yes, Alma Toran had its moments, but at best I was intrigued. At worst I was bored, but never excited.
This is finally Magi like I remember it, with all the awesome characters we’ve been following since the beginning; something about the interactions worked for me this week, specifically Sinbad and Kouen.

NO action to speak of in this battle manga and yet Magi still manages to entertain; this is the Magi that I remember, the one that could do no wrong. 

-Sinbad and Politics
Chapter 239 was all about the political maneuverings; watching Sinbad basically play the summit like a fiddle, turning the world (more or less) against the Kou empire by playing the Al Tharmen card while at the same time extending a helping hand was priceless.

This is the Sinbad I remember, if not a tiny bit more untrustworthy that before; scheming and conniving, unwilling to work with Kouen, even less willing to lose Aladdin and Alibaba’s trust by looking power hungry, then going for the next best thing: forcing Kouen into a position where he would either have to be the one to refuse the offer for peace (thereby absolving Sinbad of all blame with regards to the failure of Aladdin’s treaty), or forcing the peace treaty through but with Sindria at the top.

Yes, I most definitely enjoyed these sneaky machinations; and Kouen’s own response to these games was surprisingly and amusingly frank, his very visible dislike for Sinbad, willingness to use Al Tharmen to achieve his goals, basically equating his ideals to Solomon’s own dreams.

Good stuff this week; I forgot how good Magi could be after the last four months of Alma Toran. And Aladdin could only watch helplessly. The world is going to burn and not even with his father’s wisdom can he prevent it.

-Alibaba- A primary protagonist no more.
Poor Alibaba; it’s like with each new arc, Alibaba loses more and more of his previous importance, and even his deal with Kouen has fallen at the wayside. With Kouen no longer interested in Aladdin or the former prince we need not bother questioning whether Alibaba would go so far as to betray his friends and Sinbad for Kouen’s deal to hand Balbad over to him.

Thinking about it, quite a lot happened this week, from Sinbad’s scheming, Kouen’s revelations about the state of affairs of his house, the exploration of Alibaba’s unimportance in the grand scheme of things, Aladdin’s helplessness, the conflict between Kou and Sindria’s various houses, and finally Judar.

What could Judar have in mind for the summit? Something tells me that Hakuryuu isn’t far behind. And now that they have the dark rukh of the medium, is there anything stopping them from laying everything and everyone to waste.
Are we going to see an all out brawl between the summit members and the dark Magi? Because both Kou and Sindria couldn’t be more helpless. And even with their individual attributes and emergency plans in play, someone is dying.

I know it cannot be Sinbad, but there are a lot of popular characters within his house that just might bite the dust next week.

With Hakuryuu by his side, there is no way Judar is fighting for Gyokuen; where he to act in a hostile manner against Sinbad and Kou, that would complicate an already complicated war against Al Tharmen.

+RATING: 8/10, this was good. My zeal for Magi is returning once more. I was fighting to maintain interest in Magi during the flashback. Not so with chapter 239
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Is it finally over? It’s been so long since we last interacted with Magi’s primary cast that it was almost odd returning to Morgiana, Alibaba and the rest of them.

I am not going to lie; this flashback took some patient to bare on my part. Not that it didn’t have its moments, but I have been waiting to return to the present for so long that it was almost jarring when Aladdin’s history lesson ended.
But, right now, finally at the end of Solomon’s tedious journey, there is a lot that one could appreciate about the last few months.


With Solomon’s demise, the world stands at the edge of a precipice; no longer able to sustain life, it is up to Ugo to transform Alma Toran’s tragedy into hope for a brighter future on a new world.

24 chapters; that is how long this particular arc has been running. And within 24 chapters Shinibu Ohtaka has basically laid bare the entirety of the Magi world, all its mysteries and innards finally exposed.

And with the manga just past the halfway point one does wonder if this was the smartest play the mangaka could make, because as things stand there is little about Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic that we don’t know in relative detail.
From the birth of Alma Toran, the presence of an all powerful creator in Il Illah, the origins of the Djinn and their metal vessels, the role of the dungeons, the eventual emergence of the present world, the rukh…every mystery of Magi has been unearthed.

To an extent one might complain that that erases all sense of mystery from the manga, with little new knowledge left to be revealed in the coming few years of its run.

But then again, one might also say that the manga is finally in a position to move forward, unhindered by endless questions and potential plot holes about who did what, when, how and why?

Whatever the case, the flashback is finally over and the manga is the better off for it; to an extent these revelations put the present conflict in a new perspective, even though the future of the Kou empire, what with Arba standing as its current ruler, is still somewhat uncertain.

Chapter 238 wasted way too much time on Alibaba’s reaction to Aladdin’s story; considering how long I had waited to finally read these events, the reaction of the spectators to Alma Toran’s history, Alibaba’s reminiscence was a huge waste of time.

Maybe some people were touched by his realization of the deep connection he shared with Aladdin, but even that made little sense to me. Aladdin and Alibaba couldn’t be more different from each other.
Alibaba’s assertions that he had suddenly found common ground with Aladdin, with the two having suffering under equal loads, seemed forced, especially taking in to account the fact that Alibaba’s past constituted losing his birth right and all his friends and families to political greed, and spending years in slavery crawling from one vile master to another.

I don’t think the fact that Aladdin spent a few months to years in a lonely library quite places him in the same bracket as Alibaba, and if their friendship needed that cheap boost to cement Alibaba’s faith and loyalty to Aladdin, then maybe the manga should quit placing so much emphasis on it.

The more intriguing elements of chapters 237 and 238 received the least amount of time, that being the reactions of Sindria, Kou and Riem. Something about Sinbad’s reaction to the story was disturbing, not just his expression but the way he spoke of ‘King Solomon’.

There is more than meets the eye here than Sinbad merely being awestruck by Solomon; the theory that Sinbad might be Solomon’s incarnation doesn’t seem quite as crazy at this moment.

The next two weeks of the manga are going to be crucial to determining the future story arcs of Magi; though something tells me that even if peace is the outcome of this conference, even if Kou and Sindria agree to come together to obliterate Kouen’s mother, Sinbad and Kouen are going to clash regardless.
There is going to be war between Kou and Sindria, and Riem will have to choose sides in this war, most likely Kou considering what was said just before Aladdin began his story.

Then again that would make little sense, what with Riem’s master being none other than a newly minted Magi probably programmed to oppose Al Tharmen at all costs.

But that doesn’t explain all that hostility Riem was showing Sinbad at the start of the conference.
Kouen is determined to spread Kou’s rule over the land as the most effective means of bringing peace. Sinbad will take violent action against Kouen and his empire at the slightest hint of treachery from Kou.
It would be a miracle if Aladdin avoided war, either immediately or in the distant future.

RATING: 7/10, it was decent enough material, despite the panels and pages wasted on Alibaba. And I am glad we are finally returning to the present day.
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Finally Magi makes a return after its two week hiatus, and truth be told i feel a little underwhelmed by its first two chapters. Not that they were bad; but i am just that impatient to get to the summit between Sinbad and Koeun.

But i suppose things are going to be slow going for a while now; i mean we haven’t event gotten back to Balbad yet, and once there who knows what mischief Kouen is going to get up to. It might be up to ten chapters before we get into the thick of the arc.


As the summit draws near Kouen sends a delegation to Sindira, requesting Alibaba and Aladdin to escort him and his house to the meeting point, the rules set and which bar the use of metal vessels within the vicinity of the meeting point restricting the entire party to the sea. Sinbad smells a trap, Kouen possibly attempting to wring the secrets out of Aladdin before the summit. Alibaba volunteers to make the trip, Toto, Olba and Mori volunteering to accompany him.

Along the way Alibaba is dogged by fears and doubts over returning to Balbad. The crew is confronted by pirates armed with weapons from Magnostadht; after expressing loyalty to Alibaba, Toto and Olba are accepted into into his household by Amon, defeating the pirates with their new found powers. Aladdin gets a new wand.


Two decent chapters, each furthering the story in its own way. Chapter 201 set the pace for the approaching summit, with kouen showing his devious side. We can expect considerable chaos at the summit; because even if Sinbad believed that Kouen craved knowledge too much to try anything with Aladdin even if he had gone to Balbad with Alibaba, he doesn’t believe the empire will approach the summit without its metal vessels as promised.

And with Kouen set to sabotage things with his arrogance, and Sinbad putting counter measures in place, we can expect the confrontation we have been waiting for between Sinbad and Kouen. The question is what does Aladdin have to tell these two that we don’t already know? Sure we know what happened with regards to Alma Toran, but i have a feeling Aladdin is going to reveal more on that day than has been told to us.

The question is how Hakuryuu and his corrupted Magi will fit into the arc; technically hakuryuu isn’t evil, after all he wants to destroy the Ko empire, which would serve the world’s interests. The problem will probably arise with how he chooses to go about it.

It was interesting watching Alibaba doubt himself, regarding how he might have abandoned Balbad; but more so his fears about reaching home and finding that Balbad has prospered without his assistance. It was an honest desire he expressed, the need to play a part in his home’s prosperity and future and how haunted he was by the idea that the opportunity had slipped by as he journeyed with Aladdin.

Now Alibaba has his own household, or at least the first three members of what should be an interesting crew. I look forward to watching this young prince develop and grow, mentally and physically as Aladdin’s chosen king.

RATING: 3/5, decent amount of story, though i am anxiously anticipating the coming summit.

Highlights: Olba and Toto.

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I really love this manga, and i just began reading it two weeks ago. What turned me onto the series, despite having chosen to wait for the anime, was a forum, the point of which seemed to be that the anime, despite all the hype, was quite seriously flawed and didn’t meet the standards of the manga.

Sufficing to say i do not regret turning my attention to the Magi manga because it is AMAZING and in some ways much better than the anime. I began reading the manga at chapter 90, just after the Balbad arc which is where the anime diverges from the manga story, with everything that happened with Sinbad and Alibaba becoming poisoned by black rukh not actually happening until after the group’s second dungeon adventure, and even then occuring in a different order for different purposes and far from the reason Aladdin and company chose to conquer the dungeon.

If you have watched the anime then i suggest you make the leap to the manga. And if you haven’t watched the anime, well, you can start with the anime i guess, but making plans to jump to the clearly superior manga.


This series follows the story of a different sort of Aladdin from the original tales, undertaking a different sort of adventure.

The events of the world flow according to the purposes of fate, as they always have in times past. Yet an enemy alien to the earth has emerged, bearing nefarious intentions and acting under a grudge that has survived the wars and eventual destruction of an entire world. Al-Tharmen will not stop until the world has been dyed black with the corruption of the black Rukh.

Aladdin is a young boy exploring the wonders of the world after an unspecified period of incarceration in an unspecified location. Swayed by his perversions and the excitement of exploration, Aladdin, along with Alibaba, poor merchant, and Morgiana, slave and member of the lost red haired battle hardened tribe the Fanalis, undertakes a great adventure to answer the great mysteries and questions of his world; who is he? Where does he come from? What are the mysterious magi who have the power to consort with the rukh and the great white flow? What purpose do the dungeons serve and the Djinn contained within?

Along this journey, and contentions with the mysterious Al-Tharmen organization and their desperation/obsession to find manipulate or crush the thing that they call ‘Solomon’s wisdom’, Aladdin learns of the fate placed upon him as a Magi, to find a worthy human, make him or her king and guide them to greatness, as all Magi’s were born to do.

For it will be in the hands of the great Magi and the great kings they will create that the fate of the world rests…


Seriously though, if you haven’t yet read magi, what the heck are you waiting for. Nothing about this manga reads like any shonen i have come across (except for Full metal alchemist), dealing, as expected with friendship, loyalty and adventure like most other shonen, yet so much darker and more complex than you would expect.

Magi is a story about a young boy with a past as mysterious to himself as it is to everyone, who cannot recall where he lived beforehand and thus cannot help but express wonder at the every day marvels of this world. Along his journey with his giant djinn Ugo he comes to know the jaded Alibaba, enslaved Morgiana and together they venture beyond their comfort zones to explore new lands and meet new people.

It’s that simple, a story of three friends that choose to explore the world, yet it manages to be so much more.

The Story:>

Magi plays out like a basic shonen story initially, with Aladdin, a lonely boy reaching out to make connections with new people and choosing to walk in step with lesser humanity to learn about the wide world. There is magic, lots of it, monsters, treasure, even a mysterious organization out to drape a shadow over the civilized world. What Magi does better than almost all other shonen is the complexity it injects into its plots, tackling issues and situations from slavery to corruption to politics, taking a rather bleak yet realistic view of the depravity of human kind.

Magi is a deep story and it can get incredibly dark and sad, unafraid to explore the sorts of territories most manga choose to avoid, somehow weaving a complex web around some of the more basic issues of society.

Magi looks at history through the eyes of fiction, at how civilization would have progressed if magic were an important variable in the equation. Where a story like One piece will choose to overly simplify the troubles of a given plot and the solution to a complex situation, basically going the obvious and(somewhat) predictable route, Magi isn’t afraid to raise its hands and simply say ‘I do not know’.

There are no easy solution to any of these stories; it isn’t a matter of simply being the strongest or most steel willed, as there are problems that not even the hardest earth shattering punch can solve. That is why you should read Magi, because it will sometimes put you in the driving seat and leave you wondering what you would do if ever placed in the situation. Where in One piece you might easily cheer Luffy on to do what you expect him to do, knock the living daylights out of a villain, Magi will leave you wondering how right a certain character was for taking a certain action.

The plot is always constantly morphing and events will sway you from one side to another with each new chapter, that is how engrossing this story can be, when it engages you so deeply and morally as to question the uprightness of some of the primary characters (i am looking at you Sinbad).

The characters:>

You will love the characters in Magi, mostly because for one thing they are not always in your face. Think back to all those shonen series that will flaunt a massive cast that they rarely use. Magi will surprise you with the amount of time it assigns to secondary characters. Think back to one piece where most of the story revolves around the primary group of characters, the straw hat pirates. With Magi you would be surprised to find a considerable number of arcs and stories devoted to one of several secondary characters.

Magi has a tendency to split up its primary cast, not in the one piece style where some random event throws the straw hats away from each other only for them to work there way back towards each other later on; rather the main cast, Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana are developed in the manga each with their own personal plot and story to follow, plots that will constantly draw them away to pursue one adventure or another, each time expanding the magi universe.

Basically you will not find any contrived plots to conveniently draw the characters away from each other for the express purpose of drawing out an arc. But beyond these three, magi has a cast that is continuously expanding with each new arc. What impresses me is how the series will introduce what you will initially assume to be filler characters, who will then later prove to be central to the plot, continuing to play a role in the future of the story.

The action:>

I might have already read this manga but i am still looking forward to the anime, so long as it stays true to the manga.

And that is because of how ballistic the action in this series is, especially as the story progresses further in the area of djinn equip. The action scenes are both tactically intriguing while growing increasingly epic with time. The nature of magic is exposited upon, allowing the series to develop an interesting structure for its use, actually helping to expound on the circular symbols that a created with the casting of each magic.

But the madness doesn’t kick off action wise until we enter the realm of Extreme magic. Actually every Djinn equip beyond the Magnoshuttat arc is nothing short of mind blowing, the scale of battles rising with the stakes. You will enjoy the sheer ingenuity displayed in the action scenes in these later chapters. I am still reeling over the appearance of the Kou Empire’s dungeon conquerors. You have not scene epic battle scenes until you see someone teleport an ENTIRE MOUNTAIN and drop it onto of another. It is that crazy.

The Art:> If i have a complaint about this manga, it is the art. Magi has great art. I had issues with it at the start, problems following the actions in the panels, but i grew to love it and the detail injected in the scenes. My problem lies with the battle scenes. There are times when things become ridiculously confusing, especially when Al-Tharmen plays its hand in more recent chapters.

IN the last ten chapters of the manga, there were so many major characters on the battle field during the battle with the medium, from Kouen and his brothers and sisters to Sinbad and his house that i couldn’t tell who was who. Everything blurred together, with their Djinn equip forms the only thing allowing me to differentiate among them.

And this isn’t the first time things got confusing. The art will fluctuate once in a while, especially during large scale battles, such as the Riem Empire invasion.

VERDICT: This is a great manga that i highly recommend to anyone, shonen fan or otherwise, to read. It doesn't matter what your presumptions of the series might be, your expectations will be blown out of the water. Magi has a pretty intriguing mythology, a mystery that the manga takes great effort to constantly unwrap with each new arc, yet there is always so much more still left to understand. The stories are dark, with underlying tones about politics, slavery discrimination, and the like.

Do not expect any clichéd endings or conclusions, as the manga will make difficult choices when it has to without pause. It can be bloody at times, not gory, but simply more than willing to show blood or more violence than other series show when it has to. It can be tragic at times, yet none the less very entertaining. It will hook you immediately. The moment you get into an arc, you will not stop reading until you wrap it up. Magi is that good.

You will just love watching Aladdin, the great Magi, struggle with trying to figure out what the right thing is in a situation, more than determined to defend and maintain his values, yet constantly tested in his resolve to unyieldingly do what is right, especially when what is right isn’t so clear cut.

RATING:> A perfect 10/10 for me. This series is a must read. There is no one arc where i can fault it. And yes the manga is far better than the anime.

Favorite characters:> Morgiana just endears herself to me, though right now my favorite character is Titus Alexius.

Highlights: Extreme magic, saying more than that would involve revealing spoilers; Titus and Aladdin’s battle, Hakuryuu’s trial in the Aum Madaura arc, revelation about Gokuen’s true nature, THE MOUNTAIN, i just can’t get over it.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is an ongoing manga illustrated by Shinobu Ohtaka and which has been published in Weekly Shonen Sunday since June 2009. With 18 volumes so far, Magi was adapted into an anime in 2012 by A-1 Pictures, with a second season, Magi: The Kingdom of Magic expected to air in 2013.

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