Alfaro is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Alfaro is the waiter of the Gourmet Corps and Midora's personal aide. He is also one of the more powerful members of the Gourmet Corps despite his misleading work title.


Alfaro is the Waiter to the Boss of the Bishokukai, which seemingly is a position of authority and respect in the Organization.


Alfaro is created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi as one of the antagonists in the series Toriko.



Alfaro is a tall man with a muscular build, although not as tall nor as muscular as the likes of Starjun or Toriko. He has pale skin and shoulder length black hair and pupil-less eyes. He has a very prominent nose being both broad and long. It extends all the way to the top of his forehead. Additionally, Alfaro has ten limbs, eight of them being arms.


Alfaro seems to be a rather stern man, not tolerating incompetence or insubordination. He threatened Grinpatch simply for being injured in his battle with Coco and threatened all the Chefs that the Bishokukai captured with death if they refused to put their skills to use for Midora. He is also very loyal to the Bishokukai Boss Midora.


Alfaro does not seem to have any noteworthy relationships other than to his Boss Midora, to whom he is very loyal.

Story Arcs

Century Soup Arc:

Alfaro first appeared towards the end of the Century Soup arc. Toriko and Tommyrod had just finished their bout and Teppei had stepped onto the scene. After Yuu found and reported to Alfaro that he had captured the Century Soup, Alfaro praised his work, then took notice of Tommyrod's Parasite Emperor and Teppei's Hellboros immersed in a brutal battle. Alfaro found them annoying and instantly dispatched both powerful beasts with his Sara Shuriken technique, simultaneously rescuing his underlings Barrygamon and Bogie Woods, who had been swallowed by the Hellboros. Alfaro mad his way to the Gourmet Show Window, where a near dead Toriko and badly wounded Tommyrod lay. Alfaro deduced that despite losing, Toriko was a large threat if he could fight on par with a Vice Head Chef and decided to execute him. He is however halted by the arrival of Gourmet Living National Treasure Setsuno, who had also just arrived. After some small talk, Alfaro posed to attempt to attack Setsuno, but the latter easily intimidated Alfaro, simultaneously destroying his plate weapons with no effort. Alfaro deduced that it would be useless to try and pass Setsuno and ordered his Bishokukai comrades to retreat and to retrieve the wounded Tommyrod.

Alfaro presents the Century Soup to his boss
Alfaro presents the Century Soup to his boss

After the event of the Century Soup arc, Alfaro presented the captured Century soup to his Boss Midora. Midora consumed the soup in a flash and was relatively pleased with it and ordered Alfaro to distribute the remaining soup among him men, hoping that they could empower their Gourmet Cells further. Alfaro was stunned however that his Boss showed not even the slightest pleasure from consuming the soup as it was so delicious all others who had tried it, that a deep smile would spread across their faces uncontrollably. Such a response did not come from Midora.

Meteor Garlic Arc:

Alfaro's appearance was a small one, but along with most of the top brass of the Bishokukai, Alfaro was present when Ichiryuu, president of the IGO (the main organization in opposition to the Bishokukai), made his way to the Bishokukai main Headquarters alone. Despite some of their efforts to restrain Ichiryuu, the latter easily overpowered their attempts until Midora himself arrived. Ichiryuu left after speaking to Midora, threatening the Bishokukai as he went.

Cooking Festival arc:

Alfaro faced against Megarodras and Goblin Ramon, both part of the IGO's most elite Group the 0th Biotope, only having a few Nitro with him as back up. He assures them that they would not succeed in winning and thus also fail to capture pat of Acacia's Full course, which was the reason they were there. The result of the battle is currently unknown, but it can be assumed that Alfaro won given that he returned to Bishokukai Headquarters, seemingly unharmed. He is also one of the very few Bishokukai who managed to avoid brainwashing from the organization known as NEO. After arriving, he threatens Grinpatch for being unable to respond, due to the poison infection he received in his battle with Coco. He also threatened the approximately 1000 Chefs they had Captured with death if they refused to cook for Midora. Chef Komatsu agreed to willingly cook a meal for Midora. To Alfaro's shock, Midora not only was immensely pleased by the chef's food, but even allowed Komatsu the freedom to leave if he chose to. Presumably, Alfaro had not seen Midora so pleased by food for quite a long time.

Powers & Abilities:

Gourmet Cells:

While not explicitly stated, it can be assumed that Alfaro has Gourmet Cells. They provide Superhuman attributes to all physical aspects including strength, speed, stamina, durability, metabolism, immunities, senses and more. Alfaro's seem to primarily manifested themselves as six additional arms.

Sara Shuriken:

Sara Shuriken
Sara Shuriken

Using his trademark plates as weapons, Alfaro hurls them at his intended targets, shredding them to dust. This attack was sufficiently powerful enough to kill the Parasite Emperor (Capture Level 81) and the Hellboros (Capture level 72) at the same time with no effort on Alfaro's part.

General Information Edit
Name: Alfaro
Name: アルファロ
Romanji: Arufaro
Gender: Male
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