Aldnoah.Zero is an anime series in the Aldnoah.Zero franchise
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Fifteen years after the Heaven's Fall incident, the princess of Vers is assassinated, throwing Earth and Mars into war again.



Aniplex of America along with HULU, Hanabee, and Crunchyroll are legally streaming this anime series.

  • Crunchyroll is streaming the anime series every Saturday starting on July 5 at 10 AM Pacific Time for the following countries: North America, Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Europe excluding German-speaking territories.


In 1972, the Apollo 17 mission discovered a hypergate to Mars on the surface of the moon. Earth planned to use the new technology to colonize space, and started out with a colony on Mars, but this soon led to a war between the humans on Earth and Mars which partially destroyed the Moon, leading to the tragic "Heaven's Fall" incident.

15 years later, Princess Asseylum of the Vers Empire travels to Earth to begin peaceful negotiations, only to be assassinated on the day of her arrival. The Knights of the Empire have decided to land on Earth and destroy the humans in retaliation.


Main Cast

Inaho Kaizuka (界塚 依奈帆 Kaizuka Inaho)
Voiced by: Natsuki Hanae

Inaho is a high school student who, along with his fellow students, gets swept up in the rekindled conflict between Earth and the Martian Vers Empire. He is coldly logical and rarely shows emotion, but is able to pinpoint the enemy's weakness even in the heat of battle.

Asseylum Vers Allusia (アセイラム・ヴァース・アリューシア Aseiramu Vāsu Aryūshia)
Voiced by: Sora Amamiya
The princess of the Vers Empire who travels to Earth for peaceful negotiations. She is supposedly assassinated at the beginning of the show, kicking off a new conflict between Earth and Mars. In reality, she felt sick so her body double went in her place and was killed instead. Currently traveling with Inaho's group under a false identity until she can safely contact her father.
Slaine Troyard (スレイン・トロイヤード Surein Toroiyādo)
Voiced by: Kensho Ono

A Terran (human born on Earth) who serves under Lord Cruhteo for Princess Asseylum. After finding out his partner was part of the conspiracy to assassinate Asseylum, he begins trying to root out the traitors.

Supporting Cast

Kaizuka Yuki

Inaho's older sister. She is a Warrant Officer in the Earth Federation military who can pilot a Kataphrakt.

Amifumi Inko

Inaho's classmate and childhood friend.

Calm Craftman

Another of Inaho's classmates who is actually brash and hotheaded. After the attack on his friends by a Martian Kataphrakt, Calm swears to destroy all Martians he can find.

Eddel Rittuo

Princess Asseylum's loyal maid. She is always at the princesses' side.

Rayet Areash

Daughter of a Martian conspirator who assassinated the Princess. When her father and his friends were all killed by a Martian knight after fulfilling their mission, she was rescued by Yuki and swore vengeance against the Vers Empire.

Marito Koichiro

A veteran of a previous war between Earth and Mars who constantly drinks himself into a stupor to deal with his memories of the previous war and the Heaven's Fall incident. He is an Earth Federation Captain and Kataphrakt pilot who helps train students at the Academy.

Tsumugi Yutaro

One of Inaho's male classmates. A glasses type.



Cruhteo is an Earl in the Vers Empire. He is friends with Saazbum.


A baron and a knight serving the Vers Empire. He pilots a custom purple Kataphrakt.


A knight serving the Vers Empire. He pilots a custom white Kataphrakt.

Theme Music

OP01"heavenly blue"Kalafina?
ED01"A/Z"Hiroyuki Sawano?
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Name Aldnoah.Zero
Name: アルドノア・ゼロ
Romaji: Arudonoa Zero
Publisher A-1 Pictures
Start Year 2014
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Aliases Aldnoah Zero
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