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Alchemy is a anime/manga concept
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Home country of Ed and Al from Fullmetal Alchemist. The country was created by Father for only one purpose: to make a Nationwide Transmutation Circle.

Doorway of Darkness

The Doorway of Darkness is a realm that was created when Father made the Homunculus Gluttony in an attempt to create his own Doorway of Truth.

Doorway of Truth

The source of all souls in the FMA universe. Behind it lies the "truth" It is also the source of alchemic power in the FMA anime


Xerxes is a city located in the desert area between Amestris and Xing. Thought to be the home of both Alchemy and Alkahestry.


Xing is an imperial nation on the east of Amestris by a great deserts and the home of the practice called Alkahestry.

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