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This alchemy describes the one used in full metalchemist rather then the one in Busou Renkin Manga and Busou Renkin anime it workson the principal of equivalent exchange and has way different techniques,tabos it reallly hits an unused subject matter it also works with chimera alchemy(alchemy to cross fuse different animals via alchemy) as well as the taboo of alchemy human transmutation

Human kind cannot acquire anything without first giving something of equal value that is the first rule of alchemy.
Alchemy is the science of understanding somethings properties on an elemental level then remaking them into something new. As such there are three main steps in alchemy.  
#1. Analyzation: analyzing the properties of the substance you wish to transmute.  
#2. Decomposion: decomposing or destroying the selected substances properties.  
And finally step #3. Reconstruction: reconstructing or recomposing the broken down ingrediants into a new substance. 
However talented the alchemist might be, there is one law that can't be broken: equivalent exchange. In other words: you can't use the ingrediants in a leaf to make a bed or use the ingrediants of a bed to make a tank. You can only alter its shape, form or mass by reducing, but you cannot add mass without givnig something in return. Once these laws are understood Alchemist can create a great variety of things such as chairs, pottery, repairing things, making weapons etc. Alchemy can also be used to transmute on living matter however even this has certain rules about it. For one, humans can transmutate several animals together to compose chimeras, but alchemist aren't gods and these creatures are warped from their original design as such many of them are in pain, miserable and suffering because of what they have become. Humans can also merge humans with animals that will also be considered chimeras, but on a more complex level. However, humans can't transmute people back to life. And attempting to do so has serious reprocusions. This act is called human transmutation.Because of the serious risk of performing human transmutation, alchemist have saught after the philosophers stone a legendary object that can bypass these laws as well as the rest of alchemys laws, but the method to make one is harsh and controversial since it requires serveral human lives in order to make just one single stone.
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Concept Name Alchemy
Japanese Name: 錬金術
Romaji Name: renkinjutsu
Aliases Alkahestry
1st manga book:
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