Albert Chamomile

Albert Chamomile is a anime/manga character in the Negima! franchise
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Negi Springfield's friend who is a perverted lingerie thief. He's a woman obsessed lecher, and is required to initiate a Pactio with his magic.


A perverted lingerie stealing (once again a throw back to the typical manga male stock character archetype), chain-smoking, talking ermine, (though he has a long, and prehensile tail), that Negi freed from a trap when he was five years old. Since then, Chamo has been going to Negi whenever he ran into trouble. He claimed to have been sent to Negi by his elder sister to help Negi out, though it was later found out that Chamo escaped from the law for stealing over 2,000 pairs of girls' underwear, and fled to Negi because the law could not arrest him if he were the familiar of a wizard. He lied to Negi saying he stole them to keep his sick sister warm, which Negi believed, whereupon Negi made Chamo his familiar. (As a side note, being turned into an ermine is one of the punishments that Negi's magic academy gives, although Chamo is actually a type of elf/fairy/Cait Sith). During his arrival at Mahora, he stripped nearly every girl in the bathing area of her swimsuits. He had also fibbed about being sent by Negi's sister to help Negi find a partner and immediately pointed out Nodoka to be the prime candidate, (an obvious lie at the time, though it is somewhat ironic that she later becomes one of Negi's partners). He later confronted Yue on her feelings toward Negi, and then urged her to make a Pactio with him, which she eventually did. He has also played a hand in getting Pactios with Konoka, Setsuna, and Haruna, though with Haruna, this may have been out of pure greed to get more Ermine Dollars. Later in the Mahora Fest Arc, Chisame was slowly convinced into making a pactio with Negi. The most recent Pactio done was with Kaede after a battle with Fate. Negi has a pactio with Theodora, the third royal princess of Ostia, but Negi is the Ministra in this particular case.


Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Chris Cason
Masashi Yabe
General Information Edit
Name: Albert Chamomile
Name: カモミール・アルベール
Romanji: kamomīru arubēru
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Negima! #3
1st anime episode: Negima! #3
1st anime movie: Mahō Sensei Negima: Anime Final
Aliases Chamo
Recent Movies
Mahō Sensei Negima: Anime Final

Ala Alba have return from the Mundus Magicus. This movie is an alternate ending to the manga Negima!

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