Alazzard Characters

Alazzard is a anime/manga location
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Listy El Da Sherfied

Listy El Da Sherfied is the princess who was saved by Akatsuki from the evil Demon Lord.

Lord Baram

Lord Baram is the king of Disdia.

Miranda Qwenty

Miranda Qwenty is the Archbishop to the Church of Rishal.

Miu Ousawa

The daughter of a demon king that was defeated by Akatsuki. By his request Akatsuki brought her back with him to Babel.

Phil Bannet

Phil Bannet is a knight under Lord Baram, and he has the ability to cross dimensions.

Rutie Torm

Rutie Torm is the Sylphish Minister of Internal Affairs.


Valkyria is Princess Listy's top warrior maid.

Volk Rem Alecrast IV

Volk Rem Alecrast IV is the Pope of Church of Rishal

Zechs Doltrich

Zechs Doltrich is the Sylphish Commander-in-chief.

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