Alarm, but No Clock

Alarm, but No Clock is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 07/14/2012

Stress levels are rising as there are roughly 4 more days left in JAXA's third exam for astronaut recruitment. JAXA seems to have had a hand in the alarm and broken clock incidents. Team B still does not know who sets off the alarm noise at night. Meanwhile Mutta keeps it a secret that it was Fukuda who broke Team A's clock, and when confronted, Fukuda does not give him a straight answer.

Plot Summary

Yasushi accuses Mutta
Yasushi accuses Mutta

In Team A, Mutta saw Fukuda break the clock, but cannot figure out why. Over in Team B, it is still a mystery whose alarm keeps going off at night. As the teams begin to make progress with the puzzles, Mutta has trouble concentrating. Furuya notices Mutta's fidgeting and accuses him again. Mutta almost decides to tell everyone that it was Fukuda who broke the clock, but something doesn't feel right. Nitta tries reminding them that there probably isn't much time left to finish the puzzle. When time is up, Nitta gets stressed out. None of them finished the puzzle. He tells himself to stay calm, remembering that JAXA is monitoring their stress levels. Serika tries saying something to lighten the mood, but just then Mutta says, "Everyone, we might not be able to repair the clock, but we can repair our friendship." Serika is a little embarrassed, and no one really responds to Mutta. Mutta confronts Fukuda, but Fukuda just says, "When you figure out why I did what I did, I will shake your hand."

Yamato gets mad at Kenji
Yamato gets mad at Kenji

Over in Team B, no one finished the puzzle either, but Kenji tells mission control that he wants to finish the puzzle on his own time. Yamato overhears this and comments that Kenji is trying to make himself look like a hard worker. Kenji comments how Yamato might be even younger than he looks (younger in this sense meaning naïve), this makes Yamato angry. It's Kenji's turn to sleep in the corridor to try tracking the alarm sound. He stays awake to work on the puzzle and also starts getting scared that if he becomes an astronaut he will not see his daughter grow up. The alarm goes off, but it is coming from all directions, even the ground. Tomii is shown with a button that triggers the alarm. When Team B meets again, Yamato concludes that Kenji is the culprit. However, their clock is missing. When they find the clock, the hands of the clock are gone, and Tomii notices that Teshima is much more nervous than usual (implying that Teshima broke the clock).

Serika imagines what the others will say
Serika imagines what the others will say

Mutta, as part of his morning routine, relaxes in the box's bright light room and pretends he is sunbathing in a park on a sunny morning day. He remembers a day when he and Hibito went through a forest recording sounds of birds. Hibito wasn't precise with recording the names of the birds. Serika is up that morning and realizes that they have a food shortage problem, which is a result of her cooking too much. In an effort to makeup for her mistake, Serika starts cooking normal portions of food and decides to not eat during certain meals. Over at mission control, Hoshika comments on how the stress levels are increasing and the teams are talking more. Nasuda asks if it's "the green ones", to which Hoshika says yes. Nasuda is excited to see how things turn out.

Nasuda asks Hoshika if it&squot;s the "green ones"
Nasuda asks Hoshika if it's the "green ones"

When it's Mutta's turn to be examined by the doctor that day, he tries telling Yasushi again that he didn't break the clock. Yasushi seems to have changed after talking with the doctor and doesn't care who the culprit is anymore. That night, Team A has an alarm go off. It is implied that Yasushi set it off. (See Note 1)

Points of Interest

  • During Mutta's flashback, he and Hibito record the sounds of an Asian house martin and an Oriental turtle dove. Mutta is also shown being very precise with the sounds that different birds make.


The following notes are referenced in the plot summary

  1. At this point it should be clear that JAXA is behind the alarm and clock incidents. Although it is not clear why Fukuda, Yasushi, Tomii or Teshima agreed to set off the alarm noise or break the clock, at this point it is safe to assume that JAXA is trying to test each team with these incidents.

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Ayumu Watanabe Director
Chuuya Koyama Original Concept Creator of the manga Uchuu Kyoudai.
Koji Yabuno Character Artist/Designer
Hideaki Uehara Episode Director
Toshizo Nemoto Writer
Hiroshi Kugimiya Storyboard


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