Aladdin and Alibaba

Aladdin and Alibaba is an anime episode of Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic that was released on 10/07/2012
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Legend has it that magical items wielding mysterious powers and treasures are buried inside the Dungeons of ancient dynasties. Alibaba is one of many who dream of capturing a dungeon. One day, he meets a young boy named Aladdin, and together they set off!
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Plot Summary

Morgiana covers her chains
Morgiana covers her chains

A loud shriek is heard, and Aladdin asks Ugo who he is. Yet, Ugo cannot explain who is Aladdin, and Ugo tells Aladdin that he can grant one wish. The scene cuts away when Aladdin says his wish. Alibaba finishes unloading all the goods for Budel, and he spots a little boy munching the watermelons. Aladdin waves and smiles at Alibaba. Then, Budel walks by, and when Alibaba refuses to show the goods, Budel sees Aladdin eating all the watermelon. When Budel asks Alibaba about Aladdin, Alibaba sees Aladdin fondling Budel's "breasts." Alibaba grabs Aladdin and begs for apology. Budel steps on Alibaba's head and tells Alibaba that he will pay back for the goods. Later that night, Alibaba finds Aladdin eating all of his food. When Alibaba mentions dungeons and Aladdin gets curious, Alibaba explains to him all about dungeons. Next day, Aladdin gets thrown out of Alibaba's home, and as Aladdin follows Alibaba, Alibaba points to a large tower that is called Amon, the 7th dungeon in the world. Alibaba vows that he will clear the dungeons and become the richest man in the world. Aladdin asks Alibaba about money, and Aladdin informs him that money can buy lots of food and women. Aladdin gets excited about the idea, and he accidentally bumps into Morgiana. Morgiana puffs up her cheeks and picks up the lemons. Aladdin points to Morgiana's chains, and Morgiana tries to cover the chains with her long robe. She spills the lemons from the large basket on her head. Aladdin goes out to break the chain around Morgiana's feet. Budel arrives to see Alibaba stealing a slave girl, and Alibaba denies it. Budel states he will turn Alibaba into a slave and steps on Morgiana to demonstrate how hard a slave's life is. When Budel tries to capture Alibaba and Aladdin, Aladdin summons Ugo who beat up the Budel's men. Ugo quickly disappears after seeing Morgiana.

Aladdin is having a great time
Aladdin is having a great time

Hiding underneath the ground, Alibaba realizes that Aladdin is holding a legendary Djinn vessel, and he asks Aladdin if he likes big sisters. Later at Jamil's place, Budel informs Jamil about the incident. Jamil asks Budel to deliver wine with a caravan. At a pub, Aladdin fondles two women's breasts while the girls are laughing, and he asks Alibaba to help him find the Djinn Metal Vessels. Aladdin resumes his playtime with the two ladies, and Alibaba thinks about enjoying himself. During service time, Alibaba gets greeted by Elizabeth, a tall woman, since Alibaba paid a lot. Budel finds Alibaba, and he finds Alibaba amusing when Alibaba mentions that he will pay back Budel with treasure from a dungeon. Budel asks him to choose between getting arrested or work for him. Next day, Alibaba assists Budel with the caravan, and Aladdin points over the group of slaves and Morgiana who are in a cage. Budel talks about how people are stuck in their caste with slaves being slaves. Alibaba gives a fake smile to Budel and agrees with Budel. Though, Aladdin notes that Alibaba is lying.

A start of a beautiful friendship
A start of a beautiful friendship

Suddenly, a desert hyacinth emerges from the sands. When the ground collapses, Morgiana tries to rescue Mina, a slave girl. Alibaba tries to grab Morgiana's hand, but Budel pushes him away to save the wine barrel. Alibaba is shocked that Morgiana and Mina has fallen into the hyacinth's mouth. The men tries to restrain Mina's mother as she stares in horror when Morgiana and Mina slowly drown in the hyacinth's mouth. Alibaba punches Budel in the face, and he grabs a wine barrel. He goes down and tries to pry the hyacinth's flower open. Aladdin assists Alibaba by summoning Ugo. When Ugo pries the flower's mouth, Alibaba throws the barrel, and he throws Morgiana and Mina out of the mouth. However, Alibaba falls into the flower beast's mouth. Aladdin unveils his magic turban, and his turban carries several wine bottles. While Alibaba thinks it's the end, Aladdin saves Alibaba by dropping the wine barrels into the flower. He believes Alibaba is a brave person. From afar, Jamil witness the incident. High in the sky, Aladdin asks Alibaba to be his friend, and a flashback reveals Aladdin's wish to Ugo where it's the same question he asked Alibaba. The two hitch a ride on Ugo towards the dungeon.

Points of Interest

  • Dungeons contains treasures, and some contain a Metal Vessel that contains a Djinn. Dungeons go back to the ground once a person clears them.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • The anime starts off by covering Alibaba (who was introduced in chapter 2) first before the two girls in chapter 1.
  • Scene Altercations: The manga has the two girls discovering Aladdin eating their watermelon in the back of the cart. Compared to the anime, it is Alibaba who discovered Aladdin.
  • Morgiana did not appear in chapter 2, the version of this episode. She appeared in chapter 4. This means there is only one girl who fall into the hyacinth's mouth in the manga version.
  • Slaves and Caravan: In the manga, Alibaba travels with a group of caravan people. Whereas in the anime, he travels with a group of slaves.
  • In the manga, Aladdin groped Budel's breasts on the caravan cart when Alibaba and Budel are heading to deliver the wine shipment. Compare to the anime, Aladdin groped Budel outside the watermelon cart shorly after meeting Alibaba.


This is a list of events that manga had before Alibaba and Aladdin enter the dungeon

  • Manga's List of Events: Aladdin meets Leila and Sahsa in a watermelon cart, Aladdin makes friends with Leila who gains trust of her caravan after being discovered as a former thief, Aladdin meets Alibaba, Alibaba takes Aladdin on a caravan to deliver wine, Alibaba and Aladdin become friends, Aladdin and Alibaba go to a dungeon only to come for supplies, and Alibaba and Aladdin bump into Morgiana.


  • Japanese Name: "Arajin to Aribaba" (アラジンとアリババ)
  • Manga Chapter: 1-5 (Volume 1)
  • Opening Theme: "V.I.P." by SID
  • Ending Theme: "Yubi Bōenkyō" by Nogizaka46

Note: The manga covers some of chapter 1, but it excluded Leila and Salsa. Instead, Alibaba takes over some of their roles in the anime.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Alibaba Saluja ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Yuki Kaji ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Kaori Ishihara ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Haruka Tomatsu ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Patrick Seitz ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
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Hiromi Kikuta Audio Director Audio director for various anime
Shinobu Ohtaka Original Concept Manga artist
Koji Masunari Director
Hiroyuki Yoshino (screenwriter) Series Composition The creator of Seikon no Qwaser who is also a screenwriter for Sunrise Studio.
Shiro Sagisu Music A well known Japanese musician with a carrer spanning over 25 years.
SID OP Theme Song: "V.I.P."


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