Akuma Characters

Akuma is a anime/manga concept
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Alma Karma

Alma Karma was a Former Exorcist in the Black Order, but after being killed he was turned into a powerful Akuma.


Chomesuke was a Level 2 Akuma, modified by General Cross Marian.


Eliade is a level two Akuma who is Arystar Krory's one and only love. She's quite obsessed with beauty, make-up, and shopping and hates to show her Akuma form.


Eshii is a level 3 Akuma, with power over gravity.


Jasedvi where originally one Noah that split into two. They represent the "Bonds" of the Noah.

Lulu Bell

Lulu is apart of the Noah Family. She represents the "Lust" of Noah.

Millenium Earl

Millenium Earl is a sorcerer that can turn souls into Akuma. He is the eldest and the leader of the Noah Clan and is the main antagonist of the D. Gray-man manga. He is the force behind nearly all of the opposition to the Black Order.

Nea Walker

The 14th is a disowned member of the Noah Family. He was referred as "The Pianist".He is the younger brother of Mana Walker and foster uncle of Allen Wakler who he is trying to posses and one of the top antagonists of the series.


Tryde is the 2nd Disciple of the Noah. He represents the "Judge" of the Noah Family.

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