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The main antagonist in D Gray Man. The Akuma were made by The Milleneum Earl in his effort to destroy the humans.

Akuma are living weapons created by The Milleneum Earl to fight the Black Order's Exorcist and their Innocence. Unlike innocence their bodies are made up of Dark matter, as to the Innocence which is made up of Light Matter. Because of the dark nature of Dark Matter Akuma can be extremely dangerous even at their lowest level, level 1. Akuma are born from trajedy, in the manga and anime The Earl creates Akuma using a persons soul. To be more specific when a person dies and leaves behind some one who has grown very attached to the deceased person sometimes the person will be willing to do anything to get that person back. Thats when The Earl offers his services by using the persons voice to call/bind the soul of the deceased into a metal like body. After the soul is binded to the Dark Matter body The Earl orders the Akuma to kill its creator the person who summoned the soul. Akuma do not possess any level of free will and must obey The Earls cammand after which the Akuma is then ordered to wear that persons skin like a suit to blend into society. This can make Akuma extremely difficult to track down and reconize on sight. Only a handful of exorcist possess the power to differentiate Akuma from humans on sight. Allen Walker is one of them due to his cursed left eye that he received when he himself created and Akuma from his fathers soul and was cursed by him for doing so. While Allen was able to surive the incident left him scarred physically and emotionally. The incident also revealed that while Akuma can curse humans only humans can be cursed and not the other way around.
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Concept Name Akuma
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name:
1st manga book: D.Gray-man #1
1st anime episode: D.Gray-man #1
1st anime movie:
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