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Akira is an anime movie in the Akira Franchise
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Why Akira disapointed me Reviewed by MrASSH0LE on Aug. 1, 2011. MrASSH0LE has written 5 reviews. His/her last review was for Akira. 10 out of 19 users recommend his reviews. 3 out of 7 users found this review helpful.

I can tell by the title that you may think I am trolling. Sadly, I am not .This movie really disapointed me for set of reasons that I will try to explain in this review. This review will be broken down in two aspects , the plot and me refuting arguments people use to defend the movie.


Now the pacing of Akira is quite slow it 's actually some of the slowest I have seen in a movie.I'd say that for 50 % of the movie nearly nothing happens.Another thing that I thought was wrong about the pacing is that the movie failed at establishing early on basic and important plot points.Why was the little kid running with his dad ?And why surrender so easily?What is cause of the revolution ? Why was Tetsuo captured when we had no clue about his powers?Who or what the f*ck 's Akira?Why is Kaneda's girlfirend being used?How did Akira cause WWIII ?What were the kids talking about when they said something was beggining?Why did they summon AKira when Tetsuo was already dying and they were trying to kill him all along?All those questions are either not answered quick enough into the movie or are just left-out .

Another missing point in the movie is the whole bond Akira and Tetsuo seem to share.First of all ,why is Tetsuo suppose to be the one who is prophesied to awake Akira when at the end the kids do it.Another thing that confused me about this movie is the ending which was just the most blatant usage of a Deux Ex Machina I have seen in a while , plus the whole idea that Akira could create a universe seemed very far-fetched when he was never stated to have such power ,aside from the moment where they refer to him as the energy in living beings which is what led me to the question "Who/what the fuck's Akira?".


"Akira was a ground-breaking movie and inspired what we see today"

Well yes in many ways ,however it still does not give me any reason why I should like it personnally. Telling me that it inspired people who make the mangas I like doesn't really affect my enjoyment of the film in anyway.It's like if I said Lil Wayne was a bad rapper and then someone came in to tell me that I couldn't say that because he probably inspired many people , never should something be said to be good simply because of it's indirect responsibility for something better. Hell Nazi Germany was in some way indirectly helpful to feminism and are we supporting it?

I should also had that Dragon Ball also had a great influence maybe even greater but nobody minds talking about how it is plot less and lacks any real character development.

"Akira made lots of money and was popular"

Well then would you say Justin Bieber and the Twilight movies are good ? Exactly.

"The movie is deep because of Tetsuo 's inferiority complex and his need for the motorcycle,the later being a symbol of power"

For one nothing in the movie implies Tetsuo had a great obsession for the bike.Yes he wanted it but it's mentionned only two times in the movie over a period of 2 hours and 4 mins.And the inferiority complex is nothing new in fiction I could point to tons of vilains who have demonstrated inferioty complexes like Sasuke Uchiha,Lex Luthor ,Draco Malfoy ,Vegeta etc.


The fact that it was released in 1988 does not justify why it has so much problems with it's plot.People in the 80's generally knew that if you are going to name a movie about something your going to explain early on into the movie what is this something.They also knew better then to do such an ending.

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