Observational Point of View: Batman Beyond "Borrows" from Akira?

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I may not be a huge fan of Akira, but I would like to take a moment and discuss something that just popped into my head. Akira, created on December 20 1982 to June 25 1990 by Katsuhiro Otomo is a story about a secret military project threatening the destruction of Neo-Tokyo when it turns a biker gang member into a rampaging psionic psychopath, who can only be stopped by his best friend, a young woman, and a group of psionic children. Somewhere in the beginning of the story before all hell breaks loose with crazy psychics, there is a battle between two biker gangs: The Capsules and The Clowns. Something about bikers with make-up reminded me of another group of a similar background NOT from manga or anime. Here in the USA, we have a lot of pop-culture icons like Superman, Bugs Bunny, Micky Mouse, Spider-man, and of course Batman. Batman in particular has grown a lot of movies and TV shows (both live action and animated). One particular Batman animated show brings to my attention: Batman Beyond. From January 10 1999 to December 18 2001, the show depicting a teenager, Terry McGinnis, as a new Batman in a futuristic Gotham City under the tutelage of an elderly Bruce Wayne as he fought old foes and newer threats. One of these new threats in Gotham was a street gang called The Jokerz who take their inspiration from Batman's arch-nemesis The Joker.

The Clowns from Akira
The Clowns from Akira
The Jokerz from Batman Beyond
The Jokerz from Batman Beyond

In spite of some creative genius, it would appear that Batman Beyond rip-off Akira for using [biker] clowns in a dystopian future. The only difference, other than honoring Gotham's Clown Prince of Crime, is that the Akira Clowns are R-rated criminals and the Jokerz are PG-rated criminals. Results may vary. Who out here thinks about this discovery?

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Akira did not invent the concept of gangs nor dystopian futures. I think it's a wonky argument to say anything featuring these things post-Akira is copying Akira. The only thing you can say it legit copies from Akira is that in the Batman Beyond movie, the Joker capture a satellite weapon and use it to attack Batman/Gotham in a way that I think anyone would say is influenced highly by that same scene in Akira. I think that fact that you didn't mention the only legit and most obviously Akira callback shows how "well though out" your argument is.

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All I was saying is that the concept of a clown gang seemed kinda similar

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Doesn't it all come from movies like The Warriors, Mad Mad and others?
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