Wait A Second - - The Akira Movie Is Still On! And It's Got A New Director!

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"Just when you think you&squot;ve got all the answers, I CHANGE ALL THE QUESTIONS!!!"
"Just when you think you've got all the answers, I CHANGE ALL THE QUESTIONS!!!"

Well, then. This development of this infamous AKIRA remake has enough twists, turns, shocks and surprises to be a story in its own right. After comments from comic artist and conceptual designer Chris Weston made it seem like the lights had been turned out for this project, Variety’s reported that has Jaume Collet-Serra now signed on to captain this ship. Even if you lunatics aren’t familiar with his name, you’ll likely have heard of the horror and suspense flicks he’s directed like ORPHAN and UNKNOWN.

There’s not much else to go on except for the tidbit that the budget’s been scaled back to $90 million. Although, maaaaaaaaaaybe that’s only half of an overall $180 mil. budget if the plan still persists for this story to be executed as a two-parter. All I can really say is that somebody at the studio must have tremendous faith in this story to keep it going despite these years of personnel changes and conceptual re-evaluations. At this point, I’m starting to wonder if the conclusion of DARK CITY going to forever remain the closet thing we’ll ever see to (something akin to) AKIRA in live action.

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dammit, Tom. stop screwing with my head.

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I saw this either yesterday or earlier today. I'm glad the project isn't dead but I'm still waiting for some solid proof that the movie(s) is(are) being made.
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I still don't know how I feel about this!

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@csl316: I think he likes doing that.
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Still can't find myself to care about this.

I haven't heard of either of this director's movies. Also word that the budget is getting cut back. I still say they should halt the idea of a live action and go with top of the line animation. Live-action restrains you from ding so much of what makes series such as these cool. A live-action Evangelion would be utter crap. The animation remakes are beautiful. The promise of some new endings is what makes them intriguing.

If this was news about a new anime version of the series I could really be interested in that. More so if they were going to add some new twists. Live-action makes me really not care at all. We've seen what Hollywood does with live-action anime movies, Speed Racer and Dragonball Evolution.

Why does something need to be live-action to be at theaters?

@csl316 said:

dammit, Tom. stop screwing with my head.

Or what? Your head will explode. It's all part of the plan!

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Just fucking make the movie and be done with it. All they need to do is make one fucking Akira movie and we can all move on with our lives and not have to deal with the rumors and speculations the press love to throw a frenzy over every time a new detail about this project emerges. Fucking cast white people for the roles, change the motorcycle to a smart car, make the film be a giant metaphor about the evils of the Bush administration for all I care just fucking make this movie! They just need to make one live action film and it's never going to fucking happen ever again. It's like your MMR shot. One and done.

Fuck. Come on.

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Oh, that Orphan While i'm not as against adapting things to other mediums as everyone else seems to be, the loss of everyone with talent and skill from the production is a bummer. The budget doesn't seem all that big a deal to me though. I think stuff like Transformers being $200 million has convinced people that $90M is a shoe string two college students with a Flip budget or something.
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Glad to hear that this Akira movie project is back on track, but I have to agree with FoxxFireArt that they should invest their efforts in getting a top-notch anime movie made instead of pursuing a live-action film (which tend to suffer and not turn out very well).

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It's my brain...WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!

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I dunno after seen Dragonball: Evolution I wanted to tear my soul out and some how put it on fire....I say Animated and not Live action please. 
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Guuuuuuhh my head hurts!
All this Akira live action gossip is just as confusing as the actual thing!!
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