The Official, Real-Life AKIRA Motorcyle

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The image of vehicular swagger above really speaks for itself. It's Kaneda's bike... in real life! Before we get to the Why's and How's, though, let's put this hog into some perspective.

Back during one of the aborted live-action AKIRA's many, many leaks, a wave of gasps arose after Chris Weston, a conceptual designer (and superb comics artist,) dared to suggest that this signature red motorcycle needed a redesign to look more believable on screen. Scandalized fans responded, as is their wont, posting pics of numerous past attempts at recreating the machine.

A few looked rad. Most... looked absolutely goofy.

What sets this effort apart is that it’s the first officially approved one. As relayed by Kotaku, the owner sunk seven years and a cool $121 K into it, then made a country-wide trek on it to raise money for autistic children. For the finale, he parked the thing permanently in a new museum exhibit dedicated to Otomo.

As you’ll see in the vids below, the bike certainly works (even though one must still wonder how its design affects basic issues of turning and acceleration.) For my money, it maybe looks a wee too clean and shiny for something that’d be in the possession of a rough 'n tumble, rumble-prone gang leader. But hey - - this wouldn't be the first time form's won over function in anime, right?

Given the timing, you've also got to wonder what creations Otomo’s forthcoming historical manga might inspire. Might we someday see precise recreations of the leads' Meiji Era horse carriages?

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What a slow takeoff in the first video. Kaneda kicks it into high gear and that's what I wanted to see! The bike for the movie would need more power.

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This is make a Gundam

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@ohgodwhy: Already been done.

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@sotyfan16: Haha yeah , I had to restrain myself from saying out loud "DO A WHEELIE DAMMIT!"

Also I agree with Tom, it looks a little too clean, especially the hub caps on the wheels. Needs a couple thousand miles on the high way. You know what that means... *sunglasses*

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In the second and third videos the bike took the turn pretty well. I bet it could work.

I still don't care for any Hollywood white washed version of AKIRA.

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I WANT ONE! Oh my God it looks so cool...
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@FoxxFireArt said:

In the second and third videos the bike took the turn pretty well. I bet it could work.

I still don't care for any Hollywood white washed version of AKIRA.

Um lets just say we do not need any Hollywood reimagining any comic or anime source.Hollywood cares not for source material an again an again buys rights to books etc only to make them into something their not.When it would be actual creative to make their own .They would rather buy into a fan base they think will watch it no matter what.
 Race in this case has little to do with just how badly bankrupt Hollywood is creatively .
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@Marshal Victory:

That's just making some random movie and slapping the AKIRA title on it in hopes fans will be dumb enough to go to it just because it shares a title. They are trying to make a movie of it because he's popular. It's popular for a reason. The only thing that does is piss off a bunch of the fans who could have been your strongest base to build upon. There is a reason why the HARRY POTTER movies worked. They followed the story. Did you know originally Warner Bros. wanted the first HP movie to be the first three books in one film? Both Rowling and the director refused.

There is no reason that the protagonist of every game/comic/anime based movie has to be some white dude. In PRINCE OF PERSIA it was ridiculous. I started watching that movie wondering why the hell Oliver Twist was running around Persia. Hollywood's idea of being ethnic is giving a guy a tan and a British accent.

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@FoxxFireArt: Nick Fury is white in the comics and most cartoons, yet he is played by Samuel L. Jackson which is a lot better.

but you make a perfect point, the writer of the canon should have authority over the directors decisions. I doupt Akira-sensei was happy with Evolution.

oh, and just to clarify, there were lots of Caucasians in persia considering considering that 60% of iranian today are of Indo-European descent who were actually among the first settlers of said land.

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Marvel's Ultimate Universe Nick Fury is black. That far predates Samuel L. Jackson playing the role.

DRAGON BALL EVOLUTION was an abomination. Goku is suppose to be a happy and care free kind of person who simpleminded. That movie turned Goku emo. You don't need to adapt everything, but you need to keep the personality and basic appearance of the characters.

The HARRY POTTER movies worked because they followed the books. Normally, books based off movies are nothing alike. I was actually introduced to the movies first. That got me interested in trying out the books, and I seriously enjoyed how closely they adapted the story.

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I want it NOW!!XD
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ya but see harry potter an those that stay true to their source material ( no matter the race) do well over all because you get the fan base plus those the fan base would bring in.Where as Hollywood does not in general does not care for source of a film but just for its name .With comics books etc its kinda easy to adapt to film. their story boards are right in the books as a start.
The "white wash" becomes a racial as well as a bias .Plus well a whole another can of worms.Yet when its the other way around its progressive an race does not matter.Not trying to have it both ways.If the story calls for x height x race x gender its should be x not z we see on the screen.With anime some times theirs some wiggle room big eyes small mouth an all. Some do think tho all anime should be all Asian because of where anime comes from not where the stories are set.Which is not true to source material as well.
About marvel movie universe its a mix of ultimate universe an 616 .In original version of the ultimate universe nick fury was "resembling more the original mainstream 
 version with notable differences, featuring a full head of close-cropped hair, a clean-shaven, younger appearance"
i would post the comic vine link but they leave that out now.or how it was in 2002 the character was reshaped to look like Samuel L. Jackson. heck the pictures of him from the comic before his change are gone to.Makes me wonder why some one would edit all that out.  None the less that Nick Fury Samuel L Jackson plays is not the same as the 616 main stream comic one.
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Sweet ride, but it doesn't top the full scale Gundam from a while back. I doubt anything ever will, that thing was insane.

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I randomly caught this on you tube the other night, looks like an awesome execution, but sounds pretty much like what I think it is. A scooter

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