Akira Takizawa

Akira Takizawa is a anime/manga character in the Higashi no Eden franchise
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Akira Takizawa is a young man who has lost his memories and is Selecao Number IX.


Akira remember his mother abandoning him
Akira remember his mother abandoning him

Akira Takizawa is a Japanese citizen who appears to have grown up in Manhattan before moving back to Tokyo. Growing up in the city, his mother Aya Iwashita would often send him to the movies by himself to be enterained except for the film Dumbo which was the only film she could stand. His love of movies grew from there as he and his mother eventually moved back to Japan for unknown reasons. Akira mentions that his mother disappeared one day while they were out shopping and he doesn't remember what happened to her after that. Growing up by himself, he eventually became a newspaper delivery boy as he rode around on his moped. After meeting with Saizo Ato, who bought a newspaper from him, was deemed worthy to become a Selecao and was given a Noblesse phone and the title of Selecao Number IX.

While as a Selecao, he learned through the trackers on the other members that Ryo Yuki was planning to launch missiles at Japan. He turned to the internet where he got 20,000 NEETs to help evacuate the area as making them all pose as emergency workers. It was because of his quick thinking that no one died once the missiles hit, an event that would later go on to be called Careless Monday. However, after the attack, the citizens were suspicious of the workers and the NEETs began to loot the evacuated homes. Knowing something had to be done to help these people, he kidnapped the people he worked with and told them all he was the real terrorist. As the anger built up against him, he ordered that they all be sent to Dubai for a few months for their own protection. In the meanwhile, he set up shop in Washington D.C. where he rented an apartment and stocked it with weapons and fake I.D.s to fit the profile of being a terrorist in order for Japan to be safe.


Akira Takizawa was created by Kenji Kamiyama as the protagonist for the series Eden of the East. He would make his first appearance in Episode 1: I Found Myself a Prince of the anime and be in the lead role for the movies King of Eden and Paradise Lost. He is voiced by Ryohei Kimura in the Japanese version and Jason Liebrecht in the English version.

Character Evolution

Despite having no memories and being betrayed, Akira has always been an overall nice guy who is willing to do whatever it takes to help the nation. He works hard to help people and remains idealistic and hopeful no matter what the circumstances. Akira works hard to his goal and tries to utilize his resources to the best of his advantage when he has a clear goal in mind. Those that are around him know of his kindness and gentle nature as they are more than willing to help him or stand by his side when hard times come. Even with no memories, this gentile nature has always prevailed as he helps anyone or listens to him. Akira is also shown to have an extensive knowledge of movies, citing several films he has seen that mirror his actions and events. Some films he references include Taxi Driver and the Bourne series when he finds his terrorist apartment and Dawn of the Dead when he finds his apartment in a mall.

Major Story Arcs

Akira wakes up outside the White House
Akira wakes up outside the White House

After claiming to be behind Careless Monday and sending the NEETs to Dubai, he winds up in Washington D.C. naked outside the White House with his Noblesse phone and a gun in his hand. He orders a memory wipe from Ato Institutes that activates, leaving him with no recollection of who he is or what he's doing. He spots Saki Morimi and helps distract the police so she can escape. In return, she lends him her coat, hat, and scarf as a way of saying thank you. As Akira tries to get back to his apartment, he calls Juiz who gives him directions. Grabbing a pair of pants from a random stranger, he finds his apartment stock full of weapons and fake I.D.s. He discovers that his name must be Akira Takizawa and that Saki followed him since her passport and wallet was in her jacket. He leaves with her as the police question him about a blurry photo taken of him as he manages to get out of the situation. Akira goes back to Japan with Saki as there is an address on his passport that he figures must have more answers.

As Saki and Akira lands back in Tokyo, they discover that a missile hit an airplane that crashed in the middle of Japan. In the airport, Akira finds out that he has 8 billion yen in his bank account and uses Juiz to get by customs. While all this is going on, Selecao Number IV Yusei Kondo decides to pay him a visit since he is interested in the infamous Selecao Number IX. Akira asks Saki to help him back to his house, explaining that he has amnesia, as she agrees. He meets Yusei at the train station, noticing his Noblesse as he asks if he had a memory wipe too. Yusei is speechless as Akira and Saki take the ferry to his mall home just outside where one of the Careless Monday missiles hit. As they walk around the mall, Akira finds a pit where the NEETs were held, remembering that he captured them there. Akira promises Saki to find and play her favorite movie The Big Blue as Yusei approaches. Akira asks what is going on as Yusei beats him up, taking his phone as he hints about the Selecao and how the Supporter will come for him.

When Akira wakes up, he finds that Saki left and is mad at him for standing her up. He calls Yusei from his phone, stating he took his badge. He goes to meet him but finds him stabbed in an alley from his angry wife. Yusei tells him more about the Selecao and that there are twelve of them but there is nothing more he can say other than to ask the others. Akira takes his advice as he tracks Number V, Hajime Hiura, to a medical community as he asks for answers. Hiura knocks him out and explains to him the purpose and role of the Selecao. Akira leaves grateful for answers but mad that Mr. Outside has made him a part of this. It is also then that one of the NEETs approaches Akira angrily but thanks him for his help. In the confusion, he tracks down Saki who was rudely turned down for a job. As she vents her frustrations, Akira kisses her and promises her things will be better as he has an idea of what to do. He asks her about Eden of the East as he wants to fund the project. Kazuomi Hirasawa is cautious at first but willing to work with Akira as the group finds out that Satoshi Osugi was kidnapped by the ellusive "Johnny Killer", having left Harou Kasuga in a drunken frenzy due to his jealousy from seeing Saki leave with Akira.

Akira uses his resources to track down the Johnny Killer when Osugi says she works with someone named Juiz. He finds that the Johnny Killer is CEO and Selecao Number XI Kuroha Shiratori and that she is holed up at a hotel. He orders for her to be arrested only for her to get a tanker truck to crash in front of him. The two trade wits as they meet, Akira realizing that she only does this because she was hurt by a man. He promises her good love as he faints from his wounds. Kuroha patches him up, knowing he's a good man as Saki arrives, having overheard their conversation about the Selecao. Kuroha shows that the man she kidnapped was a wanted rapist and not Osugi as she uses an illusion to escape. When Akira wakes up, he finds that everything is okay and that Osugi is fine too.

Akira forms an alliance with Itazu
Akira forms an alliance with Itazu

As they continue their business deal, Akira asks if Mikuru Katsuhara knows anything about an old cell phone he has, taking out Yusei's phone. They all admit not knowing much about it but cite that Yutaka "Pants" Itazu would know something. He, Saki, and Mikuru go to him as Osugi uploads Akira's picture to Eden to find that Akira is known by several aliases. Akira and Itazu meet, Akira stating that he is a Selecao and knows a lot about the events of recent days. Itazu lets him in as Akira let's him in on everything, deciding to use his servers to hack the phone. Itazu discovers the statements of all twelve Selecao and that Akira actually was the reason that everyone lived on Careless Monday. While they figure out the mystery of the Selecao, Selecao's I and X Daiju Mononobe and Ryo Yuki wait outside as they try to figure what is going on. As Akira leaves to head back to the train, Saki asks for an explanation as to what's going on. Akira promises to leave his phone on as he must meet with Mononobe for answers. During this trip, Mononobe tells him about how Mr. Outside is Saizo Ato and that he plans on winning by assuming the role of Mr. Outside. They go to Ato Institutes and meet with Yuki and Selecao Number II Jintaro Tsuji. It is here that Mononobe shows that Juiz is a super computer and that Akira was betrayed by those he helped during Careless Monday. What's worse is that Yuki plans on launching a bigger attack on Japan.

With this knowledge, Akira heads back to his home base where the 20,000 NEETs have returned to the mall to find him. The Eden group is trapped there too as Akira convinces them that he is about to launch a bigger attack and that everyone needs to head to the roof. Saki confronts him, not wanting him to take the blame again as she goes with him to save Japan. He commands the NEETs to upload the best way to stop the missile attack. Juiz uses the consensus of ideas to come up with a plan: shoot missiles down with other missiles as Akira pretends to shoot them out of the sky. As the last one blows up near him and Saki, he calls Juiz and says that someone like him needs to save the country as he requests that he be made King of Japan and another memory wipe as he leaves a message on his phone, the wipe going through as he pockets the phone in Saki's jacket.

Other Media

King of Eden

Akira was released from prison three days after the second missile attack as he was ordered by Juiz to go to the theater where he first saw Dumbo, going back to Manhattan as he assumed the voice was his mother. With no memory, he was given the new name Akira Iinuma as he went into hiding for six months. When the new cabinet is put into place in the Diet, the Prime Minister collapses and dies as Akira comes into the spotlight as his illegitimate son; a way to process his request to rule Japan. When Saki goes to New York to find him at their Ground Zero, she finally meets him despite having no memory. However, he listens to her as he believes her story since a lot of people refer to him as the Air King, a nickname he received due to his pose of shooting down missiles.

As he and Saki catch up, they are unaware they are being followed by Selecao Number VI Taishi Naotomo, who is filming the two for a romantic movie. Akira is given his Noblesse phone back as he calls Juiz, wondering if he should cancel the request. Before he can think about it, the radiator malfunctions as Kuroha tells them to escape before it blows up. Akira takes Saki to the theater he works at, noticing how she is worried he'll leave her again. The next morning, he decides to work with her to piece together clues he left behind as she comments on a merry-go-round lacking a gold ring. He takes her to an amusement park that he went to as a child where there is a merry-go-round with a gold ring, watching Saki ride it as he remembers his mother taking him here.

When they prepare to leave, a group of police officers circle them as Taishi rushes them with a flamethrower. Kuroha saves them as Taishi is promptly arrested. Akira realizes it was Kuroha who warned him about the explosion as she has been ordered to take him back to Japan to meet with the wife of the former Prime Minister who is upset with the scandal. As this goes on, the Eden group try to find out about his past before the Selecao as they find that Juiz is erasing "Akira Takizawa" from the archives of the internet with "Akira Iinuma". When the trio get to the airport, Akira and Kuroha get a notice that Mononobe has ordered several missile strike at different locations. As members of the Selecao drop out, Kuroha figures out he's destroying the Juiz servers to knock the others out. She sacrifices her place in the Selecao for Akira as she sends him to Japan with Saki to finish this game.

Paradise Lost

As Akira heads back to Japan, he finds himself bombarded with problems; the biggest being the widow of Seiji Iinuma, Chigusa Iinuma. After cursing his name and taking some hair to be tested, Akira makes an attempt to escape as the Eden team tells him that Selecao Number XII ordered all the Juiz servers to run on a continuous loop and that they made a pit stop recently. Akira decides to hijack his trailer as he tasks Saki and Osugi to find his mother who may have some answers. As he finds his truck, he discovers that he already knows how to operate heavy vehicles and that Daiju's trailer is on the move; the plan to stick close to it in case another missile strike happens.

Akira goes to the Iinuma mansion where he tries to plead his case with Chigusa. Despite her warming up to him, she still sees him a lowly terrorist when Daiju shows up. The two meet as Daiju reveals that Akira and Yuki were pawns in his plans to cause panic and usurp power, not willing to work coherently with anyone else. During their talk, Saki calls to tell Akira that she found his mother and that he may be linked to Seiji Iinuma after all. This causes Akira to have a flashback to the day his mother abandoned him as he feels that he knows what he has to do. After the phone call, Daiju makes him an offer: he'll match the money he has left as a Selecao in cash in exchange for walking away from the game. By doing this Akira would be safe and the Eden group would be found innocent of terrorism.

Considering the offer, Akira asks what Daiju will do as Daiju's plans are to take away freedom. Akira rejects the offer as he uses a program Itazu created to send a broadcast to Japan with his own ultimatum: the elderly that have greedily held on to their powers have to give up some to the youth or else he'll take the NEETs to paradise. Akira also states he is a terrorist and will do much worse if they don't comply, giving everyone one yen to put forth their future. As he leaves, Chigusa gives him the DNA results, not bothering to look. At that time Saizo Ato makes a decision to declare everyone a winner in the Selecao and wipes their memories. Akira walks away unscathed as wiping his memory twice has made him immune. The Eden group asks him to open the results as they find out he is not Seiji's son.

Realizing he has no plan, he decides to hide away for a while as Saki makes him promise he'll return with a kiss. Six months after the crisis and the NEETs have built a paradise for themselves, Akira finally meets Saizo in his cab as he bops him on the head with a slipper. The two laugh it off as Akira says he has a lot of plans and that he'll need Saizo's help.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Ryohei Hirose
Ryohei Kimura
Jason Liebrecht
General Information Edit
Name: Akira Takizawa
Name: 滝沢 朗
Romanji: Takizawa Akira
Gender: Male
Birthday: 01/07/1989
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Eden of The East #1
1st anime movie: Eden of the East: King of Eden
Aliases Selecao No. 9
Shibutani Makoto
Hirose Koji
Hasegawa Kazuya
Iinuma Akira
Air King
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Eden of the East: King of Eden

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