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Akira Midorikawa is a anime/manga character
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The leading female character of the Maid Bride manga, Akira decides to sell her services as a line-in maid to her neighbor Kubota for money to help pay off her monthly rent. She ends up getting in a relationship with him over time.


Living mostly by herself in her modest apartment near Tokyo, Akira Midorikawa is the main female character of the Maid Bride manga, and is in a dire situation: she cannot afford the steep monthly rent that she has to pay in order to maintain her apartment. Trying to resolve her money issues, she decides to offer her services as a live-in maid to her next door neighbor Kubota Arutarou, who at first isn't sure what to expect from this sudden development. As his new maid, she attempts to do the things that most maids do for their masters, but due to her shy, klutzy nature, she fails to complete the simplest tasks without breaking dishes or making a terrible mess for Kubota to clean up. Over the period of the next few weeks, Akira slowly gets more and more involved in his daily life, and by the end of the story, she is officially in a passionate relationship with Kubota as they begin their lives together as a couple.

Early Years

Not much is known or shown of Akira's life before moving in with Kubota as his live-in maid. All that is known when she is introduced is that she is in dire need of money to pay off her rent and has turned to offering her services as a live-in maid to help offset her rent payments on the apartment she lives in.

Story Arcs

Chapter One: Maid Bride

Akira Midorikawa offers her services as a live-in maid to a shocked Kubota Arutarou
Akira Midorikawa offers her services as a live-in maid to a shocked Kubota Arutarou

We are first introduced to Akira Midorikawa in the Maid Bride manga when she is shown in a dream sequence serving her middle-aged master his breakfast. In this sequence, she is shown giving into the strong urge to engage him in sex and does what she can to deliver nothing less than pleasure for him, unable to stop herself. This continues until they both reach their climaxes and until she finishes cleaning him off so that he can go to work. After the conclusion of the sequence, the story starts with a baffled Kubota Arutarou answering his door and finding Akira standing there, her belonging packed into her suitcase as she asks him if he would need her services as a live-in maid. Confused, he asks her if she is the Midorikawa-san that he thinks that lives next door to him, which she confirms after he invites her in. She tells him of her plight with the monthly rent payments, and when asked as to why she is wearing maid clothing, Akria looks up and says "You seem to like it...", pointing at his bookshelf where his collection of maid figures reside. Embarrassed, Kubota tries to cover his collection, afraid to think of what she would think of him if she saw his entire collection, but stops when Akria offers to make him dinner, since she overhead him saying that he "wanted a maid's homemade cooking" through her walls the night before. Now interested in having his fantasy from the prior night fulfilled, Kubota agrees to her offer and allows her to make him dinner later that night as her first service to him as his new maid. When dinner is ready, she offers him a bowl of cooked vegetables with rice to try, but he stops after the first bite when the sickening flavor of her ruined cooking nearly makes him throw up in front of her. As he gags on her cooking, he is tempted by the thought of getting rid of the "maid imposter" since she ruined his fine ingredients, but decides not to when he uses a situation that he read from one of his many eroge mangas that he owns and decides to tell her something that might just make her leave. He tells her "You know...I'm also poor, so I can't support us both" in his attempt of making her change her mind about working as his maid, but stops short when he notices the band-aids on her hands, from the cuts and burns to her fingers from cooking his meal. Feeling a strange urge, Kubota gets to his feet and decides that she can live with him as his maid, just until she can find a new place to stay. Thankful for his kindness, Akira thanks him and heads off to do her chores as his new maid.

Setting up borders (Maid Bride)
Setting up borders (Maid Bride)

When they head off to bed, Kubota is stunned when she not only takes over half of his bed, but uses his stash of eroge games/volumes to construct a "border" to show which side of the room is hers and which part of the room is his. He was under the assumption that she would be paying him with her body, and learns that she only said that so that he would let her stay at his apartment for free. Now convinced that he has been made a fool by her, he asks her if she isn't worried that he would force it upon her, which she answers to that she isn't worried, for she knows that he is a coward and would not dare to try it on her. Still bitter over her words, Kubota weighs the option of if he should rape her or not, ripping off his shirt and reaching over the border towards her, but stops when he notices that she is sound asleep and that she was right, he is a coward. Disappointed with himself for failing to accomplish anything, he lays down on his bed and heads off to bed. His mind, however, does not give up on having sex with her, and that night he dreams of them having wild, passionate sex together while she is in her maid outfit, playing out his fantasies with her as he gets carried away with his dreams. In the morning, he suddenly sits up and yells "Akira-san!! I...I can't!", much to the surprise and shock of Akira, who has been awake for a while and has started with her chores around the house. When he realizes that it was nothing but a elaborate dream sequence, Kubota is disappointed, even more so when she offers to make them both breakfast now that he is awake. Thinking about the vivid dream that he had, Kubota wonders if this is a good thing or perhaps a bad thing, while Akira sits down and turns on the TV to watch instead of cooking them breakfast as she said she would. A funny sensation comes over his body and a funny "necha" noise is heard, which makes Kubota look down at his genitals in confusion, asking himself "necha?" as Akira turns to see what he is talking about. The chapter ends with him furiously washing his boxers in the sink, with Akira asking "why are you washing your underwear?" as Kubota elaborates on how this is "how my sensational life of being pushed around by this girl began."

Chapter Two: Maid Bride

Kubota snaps on Akira (Maid Bride)
Kubota snaps on Akira (Maid Bride)

After spending several days in Kubota's apartment, Akira begins to lounge around, not putting much effort into her assigned chores or jobs as she decides to watch TV instead. Kubota, trying to keep his home clean and cook up some breakfast before he takes off to work, winds up taking care of the chores himself and even makes her breakfast, serving her food as he goes to grab a bottle of water from the kitchen. As he makes his way back to her, he gets a funny feeling, as if something around him is out of place, but shrugs it off as he opens the bottle and begins to pour Akira some cold water to drink with her meal. Suddenly, it hits him that she should be doing all of this, since she is his maid and since he will be late to work if he keeps getting distracted with her well being. Spilling the water all over the place, he begins to vent his anger at Akira, frustrated that even though she is his maid, she seems not to be able to handle most of her assigned tasks and has him doing the work he hired her to do. Stunned by his rant, Akira sits there at the table, her hand covered in the spilled water as he storms off towards the door, already late for his part-time job at the local grocery market. When his shift is up, Kubota decides to treat both himself and Akira to some cake, wondering to himself if she would enjoy the strawberry cake or the cheesecake that he has purchased for their dessert tonight. As he walks into his apartment, he finds his kitchen in total disarray and is shocked to see Akiralaying on the floor, claiming that she is "doing housework" as she then welcomes him back home. Blown away by her sheer incompetence and her ability to trash his house while under the assumption that she is cleaning it for him, he puts the cakes on the counter and begins to clean the floor, trying not to get mad as Akira watches him silently, a timid look of shyness on her face as he wipes up the mess. As he finishes up, she begins to speak, struggling to complete her sentences and stumbling over her own words as she tries to tell Kubota what she has been dying to tell him for the past few days. Confused, he looks up at her just as she finds the three words that have been eluding her since she began trying to convey her feelings to him: "I....I love you". Flabbergasted by her words, Kubota locks up for several seconds as his brain registers what she just told him, and suffers a minor freakout as it sinks in that she has just confessed her love to him. Akira begins to tell him about her life alone next door over the past year, how misreable she was by herself, until she heard his voice as he played out his lewd fantasies with his collection of eroge manga and hentai games on various occasions, and how hearing his voice made her happy inside. At a total loss for words, Kubota stares at her blankly as she finishes her speech and smiles a timid smile at him, a shy look on her face as she begins to blush. Unable to stop himself, he raises his hand and begins to stroke her on the head, wondering if this is something that he should be doing at the moment as she jumps slightly in shock when his hand strokes the side of her head, unsure of what to think of his actions.

Akira confesses her love to Kubota (Maid Bride)
Akira confesses her love to Kubota (Maid Bride)

Before he knows it, the two of them begin to passionately kiss each other as they sit in the middle of the kitchen, the shock of the unfolding events fading away as Kubota realizes that his dreams of being with a maid are coming true. He takes her to the futon in the living room, and proceeds to undo her top so that he can have his way with her large breasts as she blushes and tries not to ruin the moment. As he gropes her breasts with one hand and sucks on her stiff nipples with his mouth, his other hand slowly makes it's way down her body and comes to a stop just above her underwear, at first hesitating if he should or shouldn't use his fingers down there, but after several seconds, he plunges them underneath her undergarments and begins rubbing, much to Akira's surprise. Trying to suppress her moans, she tries not to allow herself to show how much she is enjoying it, but with the furious work of both his mouth and his fingers, she is unable to suppress herself and begins to moan from the pleasure. This continues until she is fully stimulated by his fingerwork and after he uses his tongue around her clitoris to get her totally aroused. Now ready to engage her and show her just how much he loves her, Kubota drops his pants and moves in front of her so that she will engage him in oral sex, confident that she will deliver him the pleasure that he desires. Shocked and unsure of what to do with this most recent development, Akira simply stares at his genitals for several seconds before the work of his fingers around her clitoris gets her to give him a blowjob. When he is fully stimulated by her oral work, they engage each other in wild, passionate sex until they both they both reach their climaxes and unleash incredible amounts of bodily fluids all over the place. The chapter ends withKubota waking up from his bed, wondering if the events that just happened were nothing but another dream, but to his amazement, Akira appears out from under the sheets next to him and looks at him with a shy expression on her face. He asks her if she would like to have some of the cake he bought last night, and when she agrees, they get dressed and head off to the living room. Suffering a minor panic attack, Akira suddenly panics when Kubota tries to give her the strawberry cake and knocks it out of his hands and onto the table, upside down. As Kubota stares blankly at her, surprised that she had such a reaction to him handing her the cake, watches as she then knocks over the glass of water that was on the table from the previous night, spilling water onto the floor. Sighing to himself, he watches her as she sits there, a strange look on her face as he wonders how this all happened for him so soon.

Chapter Three: Maid Bride

Akira breaks Kubota's plates
Akira breaks Kubota's plates

While Akira is busy washing the dishes at the sink, Kubota sneaks up behind her and pretends to "slip", grabbing her breasts with his hands and squeezing them tightly, looking for the same shy reaction that she had given him the previous day when he had last tried it. Much to his surprise, no matter how fast or hard he squeezes her breasts with his hands, Akira shows no reaction to him other than being annoyed with him, since he is interfering with her current task of washing the dishes. Bummed by her lack of a reaction, a disheartened Kubota sits down on the floor by the entrance to the kitchen and tries to ponder to why she stopped having "adorable" reactions to his groping of her breasts as the sound of breaking plates snaps him out of thought. Being the klutz that she is when it comes to housework or chores, Akira accidentally knocks over several plates off of the edge of the counter, sending them crashing to the ground and shattering into pieces at her feet. Sighing at this development, Kubota pulls out the broom and begins to sweep the shattered remains of the plates into the dustpan, when it strikes him that she should be "punished" for her accidental breaking of his plates as a way to have sex with her, and much to her surprise, he tells her that she should be punished for this. Getting carried away with himself, he tells her that she needs some strict punishment since she can't even do simple housework to be qualified as a maid, to which Akira accepts and asks him what does he wish her to do. Taken aback by her agreeing to his punishment scheme so easily, Kubota looks at her with a flabbergasted look upon his stunned face, unsure of what to actually punish her with as she looks back at him. Regaining his composure, he declares that she must show him her breasts to appease him, to which she unbuttons her top and removes her bra, granting him access to her soft breasts. Unable to control himself, he grabs her breasts and begins to squeeze them as he had earlier, trying to get her to have the same shy, cute reaction that she had shown him the previous night, but once again she does not show any signs of a reaction other than looking blandly at his disappointed expression. Convinced that it will take more drastic actions to get her to react to him in the way he desires, he commands her to "go lower", which leads to Akira looking at him with a strange expression. She asks him "Are you sure?", which confuses him briefly before she reluctantly lifts up her skirt and reveals her black thong to him. To his disbelief, Kubota sees that she has a large dildo sticking out from her vagina, the buzzing of the vibrating motor humming along as bodily fluids begin to leak from her privates and down her legs. Trying to comprehend this development, Kubota is left at a total loss for words as she begins to tell him that "excessive exposure results in resistance", telling him that by doing embarrassing things such as this, it helps her not be bothered by the "little things", such as his fondling of her breasts. Suddenly, Akira begins suffering from the same embarrassment that she endured last night, crouching over to avoid Kubota's eyes as she begins to blush from her predicament. Seeing his chance to get her to become even more embarrassed so that it can lead to them having passionate sex, Kubota gets on his knees and begins to use the dildo to toy with her, much to her shock.

Akira obeys Kubota&squot;s orders to "go lower"
Akira obeys Kubota's orders to "go lower"

After toying with her for several minutes, Kubota moves in with his tongue and begins to perform oral sex on her, which causes her to become even more embarrassed due to the thought of his tongue being in her "dirty" areas. This oral session continues for several minutes, until Kubota begins to notice that something odd hanging out of her rear end, and moves in to investigate. To his surprise, he finds that the object hanging out of her rear end is the end of one of those anal bead toys, and slowly begins to pull it out, which sends Akira into a wild state of lust and moaning as he pulls the entire thing out. Now convinced that she craves for him to perform rough anal sex on her, Kubota rips off his pants and underwear, before sticking himself inside of her anus, much to the shock of Akira, who is afraid that if he performs anal sex on her, that she will have problems sitting down for quite some time. As he proceeds with his session, she becomes more and more embarrassed in her behavior, which results in Kubota becoming even more turned on as he holds her in the air while going to work on her rear end. This continues for quite some time, and partway through the session, he decides to see just how embarrassed she can be if he makes her watch him work her in the reflection of the mirror. Positioning the two of them in front of the bathroom mirror, he holds her high so that she can see herself doing such dirty things with him, which cranks up the embarrassment level to the max for the panting Akira as before she knows it, Kubota grabs the dildo from earlier and sticks it in her vagina. After several minutes, she reaches her orgasm from the dual penetration, the dildo falling out and onto the ground as Kubota begins to reach his climax. Unable to restrain himself, he unloads his seed deep within her rectum, and slowly pulls out of her, trying catch his breath from the whirlwind session. Afterwards, Kubota tries to comfort and apologize to the huddled form of Akira, who is on her knees and looking at the ground blankly. To his surprise, she turns around and asks him "If I say that I want to do this again...would that make me a pervert?", her eyes looking at him intently as he tries to think of the correct response. He meekly responds "Probably...", and the chapter ends with him thinking to himself "After that, she stopped acting strange".

Chapter Four: Maid Bride

Maid Bride (Chapter 4)
Maid Bride (Chapter 4)

With the covered form of Akira sound asleep on his bed behind him, Kubota is shown playing one of his many hentai games on his laptop computer, engaging the robotic maid in a wild session of sex with his in-game character as with his free hand, he begins giving himself a handjob. He has returned to his habit of living out his sexual fantasies on his laptop for the past few days, for Akira has not sleeping with him since their wild sex session several days earlier, and the infamous border she makes from his eroge boxes has once again sprouted up in the middle of his room. Unfazed by his lack of sex with her the past few days, Kubota continues playing the game until he reaches his limit and achieves orgasm at the same moment the robotic maid in his hentai game does. Now with his sex drive satisfied and the worn-out feeling from his long day setting in, Kubota cleans up his mess from the session and lays down next to the slumbering Akira on his side of the border, quickly falling into a deep sleep. Unknown to him, Akira was not asleep at all while he was performing his session on his game, for she was watching and listening to him as he got more and more involved with the game. Quietly, she makes her way to his laptop and turns it on to see what was in the game that he was playing, putting his headphones on as she begins to play the same game.

The following morning, a weary Kubota stirs from his sleep, yawning and stretching his arms before turning to wish Akira a "good morning", but is surprised when he sees her on her knees next to him, a small button and sign that reads "please push" taped to her back. Intrigued by this curious development, Kubota gets up and inspects the sign on her back, trying to figure out what she is trying to do as he asks her "what are you doing?", but fails to get a response from the silent Akira. Suddenly it dawns upon him that this is strangely similar to what was going on in his hentai game that he played last night, and thus decides that he will play along with her current scheme of her acting like one of his robotic maids from his game. Acting surprised, he says "Oh!? Seems like the robotic maid that I ordered arrived", bending over to inspect his "new" maid before him, looking her over before pressing the button on her back. Acting as if the button on her back was her power button, Akira begins making "starting" noises before slowly rising to her feet to greet her new "master" that stands before her, while the red-faced Kubota struggles to maintain control of himself, for his body now desperately longs for her.

Maid Bride (Chapter 4)
Maid Bride (Chapter 4)

Trying to regain his composure, Kubota stammers out that she has had a smooth start-up, and decides that it is time that she performs a "service check" upon him, starting with this privates. Lifting up his shirt, Kubota looks on as Akria slowly pulls down his pants and begins performing oral sex upon him for the next few minutes. He is blown away at just how good that she has gotten at giving him oral sex, contemplating whether or not if she has been studying his "treasure" upon his laptop while he was away at work as she begins to speed up in her delivery of her blowjob. Reaching his limit due to the constant movements of both her tongue and mouth, Kubota achieves orgasm and accidentally releases it within the mouth of the surprised Akira, who was not expecting him to do that inside of her mouth. Slowly, she pulls her mouth away from his privates, unsure as to what to do with the fluids that are now in her mouth as the stunned Kubota looks down upon her, surprised that she has it all within her mouth. He then tells her firmly that she is to swallow all of it, since he is ordering her to do so since he is now getting carried away in playing out one of his most passionate fantasies that he has only simulated in his hentai games out on her. Unfazed by his orders, Akira proceeds to swallow the sticky mess within her mouth, commenting to him about just how "delicious" his fluids was for her to swallow for him. With his "system check" now out of the way, Kubota decides that it is now his turn to perform a system check upon her, to see if her insides are up to par with what he expects from his new "robotic" maid. He has her get down on all fours, slowly removing her underwear as he begins to stimulate her vagina with his fingers, slowly working them back and forward as she begins to get wet from his touch.

Maid Bride (Chapter 4)
Maid Bride (Chapter 4)

Slowly, he begins to tease her with his privates, moving it around her vaginal lips as she asks "why are you teasing me?", desperate for him to engage her in passionate sex already. Kubota responds by telling her that she mush till him what she wishes for him to do to her next, and without missing a step, she timidly asks "Arutarou-sama's privates...please put them inside of my vagina". Losing whatever control that he had over his actions when he hears her ask him to enter her, Kubota slowly slides into her and engages her in one of the longest, wildest sessions of sex that the two of them have ever experienced together, spending the next hour or so doing his best to deliver his best sexual performance for his beloved Akria. This continues until they both achieve multiple orgasms together, and when they have finished, they head off to rest from their long, messy session together. Later that day, Akira is shown sitting on the floor, holding the heavily stained maid outfit in her hands as Kubota tries to comfort her about having her favorite outfit ruined. Worried about her low spirits that she is showing him, Kubota offers to take her shopping in town, which takes her by surprise as she was not expecting him to offer to buy her new things for her to wear. He states "Because...when you think about it, isn't it normal for lovers?", which shocks the already stunned Akria and makes her blush a bright red from the thought of them being lovers. The chapter ends with them leaving out the door to hit the town on a shopping trip that the two of them will never forget.

Chapter Five: Maid Bride

Maid Bride (Chapter 5)
Maid Bride (Chapter 5)

After the events of Chapter Four, both Akira and Kubota are now wandering around the shopping district in town, purchasing new clothes and items for Akira as they explore the various shops around them. They find a new, more seductive maid outfit for her to wear, purchasing it to replace the old one that has been ruined by several extended sessions of wild sex. Kubota considers this to be his first "date", and they occasionally head into town together from time to time to go shopping for new things as their strange relationship begins to blossom. On one of these later trips into town, they visit a local Maid Cafe within the local mall, enjoying their time together as Akira pulls out a bottle of barley tea from her purse, telling him that it is "melting". Seeing the barley tea takes Kubota back to several memories of trips that he used to do back in the day, when he would pack some barley tea in his pack before leaving. As they make their way through the thick crowds in the shopping district, Kubota and Akira begin to take notice of all of the couples around them, holding hands and holding each other lovingly as they make their way around the two lovers. Unsure as of what to do, Kubota looks at her and stammers "Say...maybe we should try that as well.", thinking that it is about time that they too hold hands and walk closely together.

Before he knows it, Akira suddenly grabs his arm and pulls herself tightly against him, telling him that "this...feels better" as he recovers from the shock of her holding him in such a way. Walking alongside him in this manner, Akira follows him around until they return back home from their excursion into town several hours later. aking off his shoes by the entrance, Kubota then notices that Akira is standing next to him, a slight blush on her face as she stares at him with her bright, affectionate eyes. Before he can stop her, she rushes forward and pulls both his pants and boxers down with a mighty yank, exposing his privates to her suddenly greedy-looking face as he stammers "A-A-A-A-A-Akira-san? What are you..." to her. Not wasting any time, she begins to perform oral sex upon his privates, putting forth all of her effort into getting him ready to sleep with her as he stands there, frozen stiff with shock as she begins to speed up in her messy work upon his privates.

Maid Bride (Chapter 5)
Maid Bride (Chapter 5)

Trying to comprehend as to why Akira is suddenly doing this to him at this moment, Kubota stands there and stares as she continues to perform a messy blowjob on him, slowly undoing her top with her free hand as she begins to toy with his butt with her other hand, much to his shock for she has never done that to him before. Losing total control of herself, Akira speeds up even faster with the deliverance of her oral session upon him as he stares down at her, his mind blown by her actions and by just how far along she has come since he first allowed her to move in with him as a live-in maid several months ago. For the next several hours, the two of them engage in the most passionate, wild sex that the two of them have ever taken part in together, both achieving multiple orgasms together as they engage each other in sex until the wee hours of the morning. The following morning, they are shown sitting by each other in the living room, both in disbelief regarding what had taken place last night and in the manner that it occurred with each other. The chapter ends with them discussing what happened the night before, with Kubota commenting "My butt...it feels funny" in regards to whatAkria did to his rear end with her fingers and Akira agreeing with him, for her butt hurts from the epic anal session that they were engaged in last night.

Other Media

As of today, Akira Midorikawa is featured outside of the Maid Bride manga as several anime figures that are available for purchase. Below is one such example of a Akira figure (rated 18+ due to adult content, nudity, and sexually-suggestive themes) that can be found for sale.

Akira Midorkawa Figure (Maid Bride)
Akira Midorkawa Figure (Maid Bride)
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