Akiho Senomiya

Akiho Senomiya is a anime/manga character in the Robotics;Notes franchise
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Akiho is the main heroine of the series "Robotics;Notes." She is the chairman of the robotics club at her school. Her dream is to compete the giant robot called Gunvarrel.


Like Kaito, Akiho was a victim of the SS Anemone incident. Years ago, while Akiho and Kaito were boarded on a ship called the SS Anemone, a man named Kou Kimijima initiated an experiment that knocked everyone aboard the ship into a coma for a brief moment of time. After the incident, Akiho and Kaito began suffering spasms known as elephant mouse syndrome. The syndrome affected Akiho and Kaito differently. In Akiho's case, her spasms caused her to perceive time as if it were moving faster than normal when she is physically taxed or stressed.


Akiho Senomiya is created by 5pb, and she has no information regarding any inspiration used to create her. She first appears in Robotic;Notes visual novel game and makes her first anime debut in episode 1. Akiho is voiced by Yoshino Nanjo.



Akiho is a hotheaded person who sometimes lets her passion get the best of her. Due to sentimental reasons, Akiho has trouble compromising with other people when it comes to her dream of building the Gun-Pro.


Akiho has fair skin and brown hair that is tied up. She is often seen in a traditional school uniform. Starting on episode 13, she has started wearing a navy blue version of her school uniform which was white at the start of the series.


  • Kaito Yashio - The two are close friends who lived through the Anemone-gou incident. As the only members of the Robotic Club, she pushes Kaito who is often absorbed into his video games. When she learns that Kaito is hanging out with girls alone such as Junna or Frau, she teases Kaito rather than being jealous. When the two suffer from their spasms, the two are concerned about each other. Kaito will try to stay by Akiho and help her.
  • Subaru Hidaka - Akiho is very aggressive with Subaru when she wants him in her club, and Subaru finds her annoying. Though, Subaru has more respect for Akiho who goes to such extent to help him salvage the parts of M45.
  • Junna Daito - Akiho suspects Junna to have feelings for Kaito when she thought Junna was going to confess to Kaito. Yet, Kaito corrects Akiho and states that Junna is joining their club. Junna is often the only club member who follows Akiho's orders.
  • Mitsuhiko Nagafukada - He is the club advisor for the Robotics Club; though he does not take a very active role in the club's activities. Akiho and Mitsuhiko have an informal relationship instead of the conventional teacher-student relationship. This can be seen when Akiho calls him "Mitchi" instead of his full name. Likewise, Mitsuhiko calls Akiho the "Younger Senomiya,"a name that annoys Akiho just as much as Mitsuhiko is annoyed by being called "Mitchi."

Story Arcs

Robo-One Tournament Arc

Akiho first finds Kaito playing with his phonedroid, and she grabs Kaito along to the old club room. As she searches for the budget documents, Kaito fiddles with his app causing Akiho to get angry at Kaito for being lazy. By the school office, Mitsuhiko asks Akiho if she's sure that the vice principal will approve of her budget proposals. Later, Akiho and Kaito get a chance to speak with the vice principal (Kaoruko Usui). She explains that she has big dreams of presenting her life's work at the expo. The vice principal tells Akiho that she will approve her budge if Akiho and Kaito can get first place at the ROBO-ONE tournament.

To prepare for the tournament, Akiho finds the old hobby robot and names it Tanegashi Machine. Though, she and Kaito have to get it fix, but she cannot afford to pay Doc's price. With Kaito's help, Akiho convinces Junna to persuade her grandfather to give Akiho a discount on the battery for Tanegashi Machine which they succeed. Later, Akiho suffers from her Elephant-mouse syndrome. As she tries to recover, she asks Kaito to become the operation and asks Frau to help them change the controller.

At the tournament, Akiho joins Kaito in his matches against his opponents as she screams out moves such Tanegashi Accel Impact. In the finals, Kaito struggles to beat Mr. Pleiades (Subaru)'s M45. Even though Kaito loses to Mr. Pleiades, he manages to blackmail Subaru and get him to join Akiho's club. Akiho announces that their next goal is JAXA's Tanegashi Space Center.

Building Gunvarrel Arc

Akiho tries to ask her father to provide funds to rebuild GunBuild-1. Though, her mother intervenes. Then, Kaito informs Akiho to asks Sumio for money since he is related to Mitchi. In a meeting with Sumio and Mitchi, Akiho asks Sumio to help sponsor her project, but she gets rejected when Sumio states that she lacks "impact." Later, Akiho welcomes Junna in their club as they raise their Skal for a toast. As Subaru and Kaito use their hobby robots to spar, Subaru's father arrives and smashes Subaru's M45 to pieces. Akiho tries to halt Subaru's father from smashing Subaru's dreams. Then, Subaru tells Akiho that he has given up on his dream and to dispose of M45. Akiho collapses and suffers spasms from her Elephant-mouse syndrome.

Voiced by
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Yoshino Nanjo
General Information Edit
Name: Akiho Senomiya
Name: 瀬乃宮 あき穂
Gender: Female
Birthday: 04/13/2001
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Robotics;Notes #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Younger Senomiya
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