Akihiro Okamura

Akihiro Okamura is a anime/manga character in the Blood: The Last Vampire franchise
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Akihiro is a character in Blood . He is a down on his luck newspaper reporter who begins investigation the strange activities of the American Military and the Cinq Fleches organization

Akihiro is newspaper reporter who has not had what one would call a successful career. He stumbles upon the story of his life when he starts investigating the reasons behind the bombing of the military base at Yanbaru. He finds some cases of wine at the site of the explosion and they seem somewhat out of place. He traces their origin to and ends up following them all the way to the boarding school where Saya was investigating the phantom. While there he witnesses Saya a Chiropteran and takes some photos of the fight but he is captured by David. He is later released but his photos were destroyed, however he comes to a realisation that changes his life forever. Akihiro's father was a photographer and news correspondent in the Vietnam War and while there he took some photos of a young girl slaughtering soldiers, villagers and what looked like monsters with a sword. Akihiro still has the black and white photos and his father was ridiculed and hailed a madman when he showed people the photos and Akihiro has been haunted his entire life by the photos and what they did to his father. After returning from he digs out the photos and realises that his father was right all along and that the girl he saw at the school was the same his father saw and that Chiropterans were real. Determined to uncover the story and avenge his father’s memory he makes it his priority to follow the investigation. However his newspaper does not want to fund the investigation and Akihiro is flat broke, so just when things look hopeless he bumps into Kai's ex-girlfriend Mao. Mao has been trying to find Kai since he disappeared from and when she finds out that Akihiro's story involves Saya she knows Kai cannot be far behind so she agrees to fund Akihiros investigation as long as she can come along. Akihiro does not like the idea of bringing a girl with him but realises he has no alternative and the two team up. As Akihiro investigates further he discovers the story is more horrifying then he ever imagined.

Voiced by
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Kentarou Itou
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Name: Akihiro Okamura
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Blood + #5
1st anime movie:
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Attractive Male
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