Akiharu Hino

Akiharu Hino is a anime/manga character in the Ladies versus Butlers franchise
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The main protagonist of the story and one of the butlers-in-training.

Akiharu Hino fits generally into the standard ecchi male lead, he gropes many girls for no real reason at all, and it is justifiably never by his intent that it happens. Quite a few of the girls that he accidentally gropes end up falling in love with him because of his good nature, or some such. Despite his appearance, with red eyes and a scar on his face, he is not as aggressive as he looks.

Akiharu's parents died fairly early in his life, leading him to live with his uncle for a good deal of time. He does not get along with his uncle however and once the butler training program opens up he is quick to snap up the opportunity. Upon arriving at the campus things imediatly get off to a bad start for him when Selnia lori Flameheart decides to make a nuisance of herself by berating him for, in order, appearance, lineage, and mannerism. It is here that Akiharu dubs Selnia "drill" which only infuriates the blond even more. When Akiharu eventually gets fed up with the insults he turns his back on Selnia and dismisses her practically out of hand, a bad move all things considered when dealing with a proud and arrogant "lady". Selnia takes a very poorly aimed and overpowered swing at his head from behind, which he ducks, and somehow winds up with Akiharu groping one of Selnia's rather large breasts, and straddling her waist. Needless to say he gets off of her the instant he sees what's going on. The "perverted" act is not forgiven by Selnia however, who proceeds to doggedly pursue Akiharu across the entire campus, and throughout the chase he gropes just about every girl he comes across when they get between him and escape from Selnia. This continues until he literally runs into a "childhood friend" Tomomi Saikyo, and I put childhood friend in quotes because I do not get it how he could be friends what with the creepy girl. Especially with the ways that Tomomi manipulates everything around her for amusement. Such as one time when both Tomomi and Selnia get locked into the school hot spring. When Akiharu and one of the other butlers arrive Tomomi gets Selnia to stand right in front of the door and makes it sound, to Akiharu, like Selnia is actually in danger. Akiharu kicks through the door and flies through, naked, to land on Selnia, who is also naked.

Eventually Akiharu seems to grope every girl in the show, or at least sees them naked. Though this is not from lack of trying to avoid the situations to begin with. As in one instance when Selnia is standing on the edge of the pool, Akiharu warns her to not get too close to the edge, because the super perv of the butlers is hugging the edge of the pool in a deliberate effort to get a view up her skirt. The super perv eventually does get his view, and Selnia still blames Akiharu for it, quite irrationally if you ask me. However, Akiharu is not averse to using his reputation as a pervert and harasser to help someone out. Such as when Mimina is being put under huge pressure by the other girls to draw, even when she doesn't want to. Akiharu threatens to "do wierd things" to them if they don't leave Mimina alone.

Voiced by
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Kazuyuki Okitsu
General Information Edit
Name: Akiharu Hino
Name: 日野 秋晴
Romanji: Hino Akiharu
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Ladies vs Butlers (Light Novel) #1
1st anime episode: Ladies versus Butlers #1
1st anime movie:
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Attractive Male
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