Akihabara Characters

Akihabara is a anime/manga location
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Chika Ogiue

Ogiue reads and draws yaoi doujinshi, thus making her a fujoshi. She hates her geeky side despite joining a club with related activities.

Christian Rosenkreutz

Leader of the Rosenkreuz, his plan is bring back the Metatron to the Earth.

Crane Van Streich

Tired of the horror of war, he left the earth, waiting for the call of the Anima Mundi's hearts.

Harunobu Madarame

Madarame is a hardcore otaku who spends most of his living expenditures on doujinshi instead of food and has a 2D complex.

Hibari Hanakoganei

Kamome Sengakuji

Kanako Ohno

The well-endowed and soft-spoken Kanako is obsessed with cosplaying, yaoi, and middle-aged, bald (or balding) men.

Kanji Sasahara

A closet otaku who eventually comes in terms with his geekiness and joins a club at his school that relates to his interests.

Kaoru Yamazaki

Kaoru Yamazaki is one of several protagonists in Welcome to the NHK. A major otaku and eroge fanatic, he is an old high school friend of Tatsuhiro Satou's, who had tried to save him from bullies long ago. Additionally, he holds a very profound dislike of women in general.

Kirino Kousaka

Kirino is a popular girl with a secret obsession with "little sister" eroge games and anime.

Konata Izumi

A childish girl whose main interests are games, anime and manga. She is one of the protagonists of Lucky Star.

Kugayama Mitsunori

Kugayama is an overweight guy who stutters a lot and is the only male artist of the Genshiken who help with club doujinshi along with Ogiue.

Kurisu Makise

Kurisu is a character from the anime Steins Gate. She is a talented neuroscience researcher.

Makoto Kousaka

Makoto is a hardcore otaku who wears fashionable clothes and is very good at fighting and ero games.

Manabu Kuchiki

Manabu is the most annoying character of the Genshiken club since he is loud, tries to sound cute, and does bad imitations of famous characters.

Miyama Soshigaya

Miyama/Death Crow is introduced when Suzume sees (and falls in love with briefly) her while she is eating.

Moeka Kiryu

Moeka Kiryū is a character in Steins;Gate. Nicknamed "Shining finger" due to the fact she constantly text messages, rather than talking.

Rintarou Okabe

Main character of Steins;Gate, the self-proclaimed mad scientist.

Saki Kasukabe

Saki hates anything to do with the otaku lifestyle yet joins the Genshiken despite hating their interests. She physically abuses the male Genshiken members because she is easily tempered.

Souichiro Tanaka

Tanaka has an obsession with cosplaying and making garage kits of plastic models.

Suzume Sakurajosui

Tatsuhiro Satou

Tatsuhiro Satou is the protagonist of Welcome to the NHK, a series whose plot largely revolves around his life as a recovering hikikomori. As time goes by, he is generally able to find a normal life again, but not without some outside help.

Tsubame Otorii

Uzura Kitaurawa

A little girl who is in love of Hibari, and later of Kamome. In the movie she changes her attention to Tsubame, she also saved the girls from the Police Station.

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