Akiba Donates Geek Blood

Topic started by gia on Feb. 3, 2009. Last post by MoonStorm 6 years, 1 month ago.
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I'd donate more than blood to THESE nurses...
I'd donate more than blood to THESE nurses...
While most of Japan is opting not to donate blood these days, the geeks of Akihabara are stepping up to share their bodily fluids...well, at least the one bodily fluid anyone else seems interested in. The geekiest area of Tokyo has seen a whopping 50% uptick in the number of donors in the last three years, which is pretty awesome-- basically a bunch of Akiba's otaku have become regulars at the Akiba clinic.

The manager suggests that the free massages that were offered as part of a promotion when the clinic opened in 2005 probably brought in a lot of the regulars. I can't help but wonder if, true to Akiba form, the masseuses (and perhaps even regular clinic staffers) do sexy nurse cosplays?

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So, how many of you guys have donated blood?
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0 because I'm not in Japan sadly :(

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You can donate blood in countries OTHER than Japan, Ichigo. =P
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I try to give them my blood, but they don't like to hear that you've been to Mexico in a certain about of time. It been long enough now but I haven't seen a blood drive in sometime.
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HAHA you get free massages. All you get here is free cookies and juice.

I've donated blood <3 I have a blood donor card too that says my name, blood type, and on the back the times I've donated before. I'm waiting a few more months to donate blood again since you have to wait. I have the most commonest blood type but I feel all giddy inside knowing that I'm helping at least someone out there. The rod that they insert in your arm feels a bit funky though but it's easy to get over it.
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The last time I that I was asked to donate blood was when I had to show up for Jury Duty... Not really the best time to ask someone for something if you ask me.
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I signed up for a donation drive back in high school (around three years ago). ... Just after waiting for about three hours I found out that my iron count was off by two points and legally I could not donate my blood. @_@;;;
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I don't even think I meet the minimum weight requirement to donate blood ^_^:;;
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I plan on donating blood regularly in the future. I'm quite healthy at the moment, but am a bit worried that this blood-disease problem thing I had as a child (forgot the long name of it, but there was the potential for death so it must have been pretty serious) could affect my chances of being eligible to donate.

I don't even know what my blood type is, and that stuff's serious business in Japan.

To the doctors for blood tests I go!
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I've donated twice. Even got my card O+, But I need to more often, Being at a college makes it real easy because it seems like they are always here.

If you low in Iron you need to eat more meat.
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