Akasha Bloodriver

Akasha Bloodriver is a anime/manga character
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Akasha the woman who set Moka's future. From Rosario Vampire manga season 2.

Akasha Bloodriver 

Akasha Bloodriver is introduced in Volume 6 Chapter 29 "Fixing the Seal" from Rosario Vampire Season 2.  During the time Tsukune and the others were in China to fix Moka's Rosario.  Of course there was a catch to this.  The rosario released rays of light which took Tsukune, Mizore, and Tohou to moka's erased memories (currently speaking there is not an accurate explanation on the extermination of moka's memories).  But to explain part of the question Akasa is moka's mother, they both are similar but the odd thing is she looks exactly like outer moka which was pointed out by Tsukune in the manga. 
 Sidenote: She does not appear in the anime. 


 Akasha is the stepmother of Kahlua Shuzen,  Kokoa Shuzen, and Akua shuzen (both kahlua, and Kokoa are from the same mom), and she is wife of issa Shuzen who was previously married to kokoa and kahlua's mother.  There is one daughter though named Akashiya Moka who is not a step daughter but her own.  Though Akasha treats them all like her very own. 
Moka is a very important to  Akasha, when Moka was first born she almost died.  So Akasha gave moka her own shinso blood so moka would live.  Later in the fight with the shinso when moka's shinso blood awakens moka gets captured by Alucard, so Akasha fights Alucard and saves moka dying.  The moment Akasha reaches Moka, Akasha tells Moka what happened when Moka was born and told her that she was her treasure.  Currently no one knows whether she is dead or alive but the mangaka might want us to infer Akasha is dead from Rosario Vampire II Chapter 33: Treasure. 
Akua also got into a fight with Akasha for her Shinso blood, which is what made Moka mad and activate her shinso blood.  Akua waited for Moka to leave the castle and fought Akasha for the blood knowing Moka would hate her she still did it anyway (Akua loves Moka very much as Akasha does, Akua herself said so).  This battle unveiled that Moka currently holds shinso blood, Moka was leaving the house but previously before she left the house Akasha offered the rosario and told Moka to keep it and in the end Moka was mad knowing she had to leave and slapped the rosario out.  Moka regretted her decision of declining the rosario and went to go get it back, and she saw Akasha and Akua fighting.  At that moment Akua saw Moka and sliced Akasha's body in half and Moka was infuriated and the result was the awakening of Alucard cause of Moka activating her Shinso Blood.  Akasha recovered from this injury and she fought Alucard there was a plan she told only Akuha about.  Akasha is still nice to Akua even after Akua trying to kill her and this proves Akasha's weakness of being too nice. 
In Rosario Vampire II Chapter 34, Akasha said herself that she was not likely to return after the sealing ceremony of Alucard. She then gets eaten by Alucard purposely to seal him, it is not yet known if she is dead but there is that possibility. Akasha said that Outer Moka is a "Fake" and that explained to Inner Moka that the purpose of the Seal was to keep the Shinso Blood in Moka from activating.  Another thing Akasha told Moka is that the Rosario is to protect her along the way and that someone who cares for Moka and means no harm will be able to release the Rosario.  
Shinso Blood:

The Shinso Blood by the way has similar properties to Vampire Blood but it is much more powerful.  It could be considered a very dangerous weapon depending on how you use it.  The blood must be transferred you cannot however inherit this blood, it must be transferred from the person who has the blood.  In this case you could say it must be injected to your body so technically speaking Tsukune currently has Shinso blood inside his blood streams. 


 Akasha is not much different from any other vampire (from current information).  She is basically a much stronger version of most vampires because of her shinso blood and has super strength (but she probably exceeds better than any other vampire with her strength).  She is still weak to water as any other average vampire, but she does have 200 years of experience in fighting. In Rosario Vampire II Chapter 34, it has been revealed she knows some Barrier and Seal Techniques.   
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Name: Akasha Bloodriver
Name: アカシャ
Gender: Female
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