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Kojiro moves to Tokyo from Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido and insists on bringing his favorite horse, Hikarikin, with him. The alien king Rel arrives from planet Wedelun and gives him a belt that will allow him to transform into a Miracle Hero and to protect the world from alien menaces. He is more interested, however, in impressing the pretty Yuka, though his rival, Michinari, wants her for himself.

Yu Azuki, creator of Igano Kabamaru, enjoys a reputation as an artist who is able to straddle the divide between boys' and girls' comics. Though Akanuke Ichiban looks on the surface like a typical superhero story for a male audience, it originally ran in Margaret magazine-perhaps it appeared more palatable to male producers and fulfilled some form of girl/boy quota. The ratings, however, did not bear out the theory, and the series was canceled before reaching the end of its second season.

Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 22
Panic! Heroes run the town
1 - 21
Kojiro's Bak-to-za 13 years ago
1 - 20
Kinko's bluff, the feigned illness panic!
1 - 19
Tanne's diary...muf! Finally with Yuka
1 - 18
Reru's ill-treated girlfriend
1 - 17
The amazing department store, save Medaga-ya
1 - 16
The target is 500,000 yen! War of part-timers
1 - 15
Poweful Granny's Harajuku man journey
1 - 14
Change! Ultra-handsome human, Hikarikin
1 - 13
If we lose the rugby match, all the girls will transfer schools
1 - 12
Hilarious! The date which is running on 100x power
1 - 11
Farewell! Present of tears
1 - 10
It's very strong! The giant robot which moves on a rubber band
1 - 9
Have you won!? Kojiro cannot wear strange outfits
1 - 8
Uncle Inken's abnormal experience
1 - 7
To live or to die!? The passing line is 90 points
1 - 6
Rera's love lunchbox!
1 - 5
Miss School Queen! Dismatch of swimsuits
1 - 4
Secret, please do not reveal it
1 - 3
Love's western variate

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General Information Edit
Name Akanuke Ichiban
Romaji: Showa Aho Soshi Akanuke Ichiban
Publisher Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd
Start Year 1985
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Aliases Showa Era Idiot Storybook: Most Refined City Boy
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